Roast Beetroot and Goat's Cheese Salad

The sweet earthy flavour of beetroot, the slight tang and creaminess of goat's cheese, a scattering of baby rocket and spinach leaves, drizzled with a good olive oil and a reduced balsamic dressing make for a deliciously light seasonal summer lunch.Roast beetroot and goat's cheese salad...more

The benefits of walking on both body and soul

  Through the ages men and women of all occupations and cultures have expounded the many benefits of walking, both for the health of the body and the soul...On Walking...more

Live Well Simply

Live well simply…no, simply live well. However you put it, I mean to take the pressure off, to make wellness feel personal and purposeful yet simply and refreshingly simple....more

The $10,000 Year; Dream Big!

     This is the year of $10,000.  If I write it, then let it be so.  My husband and I have set ourselves on saving $10,000 this year for a down payment on a house next year.  We have been married almost seven years and have been renters since we were out on our own.  Every year, we have said, "This might be the year we buy a house".  It hasn't happened yet, obviously.  This is the first year that we have been mostly out of debt though.  This is the first year where it might actually be a possibility....more
Denise Thank you!more

Modern Simplicity for Stress Free Living

About three months ago I embraced on a journey of living minimalist and a month ago I brought minimalism to the world of business.  Minimalism is defined as living a life without the clutter or the unnecessary and I write often about how we manage to create our own needs or acquired needs with time.  Minimalism takes time and there is one o...more

Our Story ~ The Simple Life ~ Living life by Faith

Tammy TrayerMountain Woman Journals ~ Writer, Homesteader, Survivalist...Website: For those of you that are new to following me, here is our story....more

10 Tips to Simpleness

I have lived the simple life and loved it. I felt great, I looked great, and I was completely happy. In the past year I have really lost my way. I became depressed, gained weight, and just wasn't really living. Now I am on a journey to get back to the simpleness and beauty that I know life can be. Here are my tips to minimize the excess and maximise your life....more

Baking Soda: Miracle in a Box!

 I am not kidding when I say I could not live my daily life without baking soda! Seriously, this is one of the most amazing substances on Earth. Not only is it used as a leavening in nearly all cake and cookie recipes, but you can also use it for a variety of other health, beauty and household purposes....more


What does it take to not just get by, but to really thrive in life? I asked Simple Living Family readers how they don't just live, but flourish. Here are a couple of my favorite answers. "Thriving in life and living with passion mean the same things to me....more

Ways to Have More Energy

Feeling tired and sluggish?...more