How My CoWorker Single Shamed Me

Apparently single-shaming is an epidemic, and I have become its latest victim. At work, while discussing random mundane things with a co-worker I am not really friends with. You know that co-worker that always has something to say and you just pretend type on your computer while they stand at your desk yammering, in hopes that they’ll go away…that co-worker. During the one-sided chat, the topic of money jumped into the conversation, which went a little something like this: Me: I usually work 2 jobs.Co-Worker: Well yah, you’re SINGLE.Me: That’s not why. My work ethic-Her: My husband makes good money and I don’t have to worry about that.I don’t have to worry about whether there is enough.I guess being single equates to being a broke, lonely loser. Women are shamed for being single, while men are praised for it. I’m a lonely loser for being single, but a man my exact age, is a “player”. And the fact that I work, sometimes two jobs, and live on my own, pay all of my own bills, and am independent, means nothing because at thirty-six years old…I am single…and a loser, according to her.As soon as I caught onto the fact that she was single-shaming me, I felt this insane need to defend my singledom. I became defensive and kept trying to spew out as many reasons I could think of as to why I am absolutely fine as a single woman, but she kept purposely interrupting me. Every single time I tried to finish a sentence I started about how I am okay, she would cut me off....more

Taking Stock of Your Life After Divorce

Ever since around Valentine's Day, I've been in a funk. I don't think it was the actual day per se but other things that were happening around that time that kinda just took the wind out of my sails and made me realize that maybe I'm not really handling things as well as I thought I was....more
When I was going thru my divorce and for quite a while afterward, I had many, many days like ...more

Valentine's Day and the Single Woman: Gifting Yourself and Others

Travel back with me, if you will, to the worst Valentine's Day of my life. (No, really, please, come with me. I hate to go there alone.) The first thing I saw when I walked in the door was a large print hanging over our apartment fireplace: an image of two children dressed in Victorian grownup clothes, colorized blush on their cheeks. The little boy knelt down in front of the girl, handing her a rose. My boyfriend stood there smiling, proud of himself, waiting for my reaction to his mall-bought Mona Lisa. ...more
I just wrote a post about being single on Valentine's Day! The day you have planned sounds ...more

I'm Thankful I'm Single.

This year, I'm thankful I'm singleAF. And you should be too. Here's why....more
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5 Things Stopping You From Getting Married

Sometimes Love is just unnecessarily weird.It seems as if when we’re in desperate search of it we can’t find it and when we’ve finally learned to live without it, love knocks on our door unannounced, heart-in-hand with a box of chocolates like it never left. If you’ve ever truly loved then you know just how amazing it feels and to want that feeling forever is completely understandable. If you’ve been dating FOR-EV-ER and you’ve wondered why you’re not married here are five important things to consider:1.You’re dating the wrong person....more

Single Proverbs 31 Woman

We've all read and heard perspectives on what it means to be a 'Proverbs 31 Woman' (P31). As a single woman desiring to be married, I wanted a deeper understanding of this phrase. I wanted to dissect each verse and uncover the responsibility associated with holding such coveted title. So I asked myself, what does it mean to be a virtuous woman whose price is far above rubies?Many times the Proverbs 31 Woman is understood from a married woman's perspective; from the viewpoint of a woman who has already taken her vows and started a family. ...more
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When Do All the Single Ladies Get to Celebrate?

The mail comes.  It’s a pretty envelope adorned with fancy calligraphy on the front with my name and address; obviously another invitation for something.  I get a lot of those these days.Engagement parties.  Showers (bridal AND baby!).  Bachelorette parties.  Weddings.  Christenings.  First birthday parties. When your friends get married and have children, those invitations never stop arriving.  I started getting them in my mid-20’s and now, at 33, I’m still getting them....more
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What Does It Mean To Be "UNgaged"?

When are you going to meet a nice boy and get married?Ya know what, aunts and grandmothers of the world? I did find a nice boy and we were going to get married. My Pinterest board was stacked with gowns, some of which I actually tried on. We had a killer wedding party lined up and a location all picked out. We looked at houses and discussed school districts and baby names. We daydreamed about our future together and all the wonderfully romantic things our life would have in store.It was going to be great. ...more
Thank you for featuring my story! I can't believe this crazy event in my life has turned into an ...more

5 Reasons You Might Be Single

TataIf you are happily single then this post might not be for you. But if you aspire to be in a serious relationship or even married these are 5 things you may want to consider. Now please understand this is in no way a comprehensive list but this is something to help you jump start a positive dating lifestyle....more
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