"Anyone Who Wants To Love You Is Always Welcome"

My ex-husband left when my son was an infant. Initially, we did not hear from my ex’s family. Looking back, they probably had no idea what to do.One day, my son and I received a package in the mail. It was a book written and drawn by my niece on the ex’s side of the family. It was a book that introduced my son to the all members of their family. She had photos of everyone and their pets. She drew maps of where they lived. My niece described herself and the rest of the family to my young son through her photos and drawings. She told him how much they love him....more
What a beautiful story. Thanks for sharing!more

How to Make Friends When You're A Mom

My daughter is heading off to school this fall and I’m the nervous one. I'm a young single mom in a smallish town, and I want to know: how can I make friends with the other mommies and get them to see me as a FRIEND and not "that baby who had a baby herself"?...more
I have been the youngest mom in all my daughters school situations. I had her at 19 and she is ...more


Fissures run through the images of my mind. Family fun whispers to dust. Family whispers fun to dust. Cat dander lies under my nose. Kid noisiness abounds. Fissures abandon all hope. Fatigue forges through the fissures, soon turning to gorges. Deep, deep dark grottos of pain. Imaginings of a life never to be lived. Failure is a fissure that just keeps growing. Failure is a fissure that has no hope. Fissures swallowing up hope and happiness. Enough fissures will create an avalanche of affect....more

A Sweat Ceremony, Justification and BlogHer 11

I made the plunge and bought a ticket to BlogHer11. I found so many reasons NOT to go. When it was announced that it would be in my home state of California this year, I dreamed of going. Daydreams aside, it's clearly not in this single mom's budget at all. I felt sorry for myself as I talked myself off the ledge....more

Starting Over At 40

We live in an ever changing society. When you get married and buy a home, and have may think that is your life from that moment forward. And I hope that is the case for everyone. But unfortunately, many women find themselves at a crossroad in a time of their life, when they should be settled and secure in their future....more
what a truly inspirational posting thanks for sharing it.  Remember your experience is now your ...more

True Desire by Lianne Castelino  ...more

Single and Star Struck

The night sky was crystal clear. My friend and I were on the rooftop bar of a local hotel enjoying a gathering of single people. On the ride up in the elevator I noticed that the pretty, blond, 20 something woman next to me was my daughter’s high school English teacher. I had forgotten that even intelligent, pretty, and young schoolteachers had a hard time finding love in a small town. This was my second time going out to one of these singles events and I already felt more comfortable. Seeing my daughter’s teacher made it all seem less intimidating somehow. ...more

Mutant SuperModel and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

I went to sleep with wet hair and now my hair is sticking up everywhere and when I got out of bed this morning I stepped on my son’s Legos and by mistake I dropped toothpaste drool on my silk blouse while brushing my teeth and I could tell it was going to be a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. ...more

Sex and the Saxophonist

I almost had sex one night with a young, sexy saxophone player. It all began with a little IM sex. OK to be honest, it was more like IM foreplay. Either way, the IMing almost led to real-live sex, with a real-live sexy sax player. It would have been smoking hot too, if only he had a car instead of a bike; and by bike, I don’t mean a bad ass Harley or a racy Ducati, I mean a bi-cy-cle. As in a bike -- that you pedal -- like when your 15 year old boyfriend wants to bike over so you can make-out on your parents couch, that kind of bike. ...more

Imagination sometimes trumps reality!more