So there was Friday when we were held up in the house over the rain, followed by Saturday morning and early afternoon where we were held up in the house because I was sick. Then there was Saturday late afternoon while it was still light out that my migraine began to diminish....more

Taking one for my team

I looked up and saw my son opening the blinds. He turned around and said, “It's time to wake uuuuup mommy!” Well, whadoyouknow’, the little lad was still hard pressed about getting his mother to 100%....more

The Real MVP

After a long Friday night that extended into the wee hours of the morning watching movies and bonding with Cornelius, I woke up with his sniffles. All moms know what the sniffles are. It’s what you get right before the sneeze brought on by something as small as a common cold and as major as the flu. I didn’t pay much attention to it until I noticed my son was doing a lot of back to back sneezing. With both of us being allergy and sinus attack targets, I turned on all of our Airpura F600 Air Purifiers and ran our regular house check....more

Secrets to Happy Single Mommyhood

Single motherhood can be challenging but also hugely rewarding. Here's my top secret to successfully managing a well-rounded fulfilling life and becoming a single mom superstar.Ready for it....Know exactly who you are and truly, deeply appreciate those parts of you!So how do we get clarity on who we are and what we love most about ourselves? It requires some deep reflection and a serious personal assessment session with yourself. Here are three simple steps....more

Yet Again My Ex Makes Me Want to Spork My Eyes Out

Once AGAIN my ex has demonstrated what a selfish asshole he can be through my kids. They had had a loooong day at a fun event called "Touch a Truck." This event included being able to investigate and be inside various vehicles that kids LOVE, such as firetrucks, police trucks, and various construction equipment. Long story short, they were tired at the end of the day and I ALWAYS put them to bed at 8:30. They got settled and we were starting prayers and then......more
I'm with Lynne - my kids call their Dad at bedtime, not the other way around. They call me if ...more

The Last Time This Single Mother Checked, She Wasn't A Father!

Today is Father’s Day in the UK, a day where fathers everywhere are holding their loved ones close and kissing them tenderly before pissing off to the pub to celebrate with the other family loving Dads!Joking aside, to all those dads who work hard to keep family and home together, have a great day. And if you are separated from your partner, or otherwise not living in a Hallmark moment, kudos to you too for keeping the thing together....more

Spending the Night When Your Partner Has Kids

How do you spend the night when your partner has a child and the child is home? Spending the night with your partner is much easier when the child is young, but once they reach a certain age, their little imaginations (or perhaps tempers) will run wild regarding mommy or daddy's new partner. Here are some little nuggets of advice for when you find yourself in this situation. ...more
eavannatte42 I'm never getting married again.  How do you suggest I proceed?more

The Loneliest Mother I've Seen

I see your eyes duck our way more times than I can count. Kids spilling off my lap, I steady myself against my husband’s leg and we laugh as the hay ride tosses us back and forth. As you tuck your bare left hand behind the bleach-blonde head in your lap, I read her shirt. Birthday Girl Your parents take pictures of the two of you but your eyes belie the smile on your face. I wonder if you have just finished high school or are heading to college this fall. Maybe you have put school on hold until you can afford daycare and tuition. ...more
Love!!!!  I was a single mom at 34 and went through my pregnancy by myself.  It was still lonely ...more

Single Mom in Control

I need to get up. This was my primary thought as I lay in bed in the fetal position this past Valentine’s Day, sick to my stomach over a very rich Love Day lunch that my stomach was rejecting in the most painful way possible....more


Poor. Poor isn’t just the old homeless men standing in line at the Marion House Soup Kitchen. It isn’t only the dreadlocked kids off the interstate with cardboard signs....more
This is brilliant! I've been there often enough in my life to recognize this immediately not ...more