My Job Interview

Before I get to the job interview (Believe me, I'm not stalling. There's just a lot going on!), A Merry Hour it was!  Last night we had a great time in the spirit of the holidays eating, talking, drinking, and barking....more

The Struggle with God's Will for Our Life

One night a friend called to tell me that she had a friend, who was also her insurance agent, who would be adding to his team in the capacity of a Customer Service Representative.  I love this friend. I trust her. I know instinctively based on who she is and our relationship, that her words have value. Those words spoken to me by another person may have held little value....more

It's Windy in Portland!

Two nights ago I picked Bridgette up from OSU. What is normally a 1 1/2 hour drive took three hours, due to the wind storm that caused power outages and damage. This picture below was/is a tree in my friend's yard. On her way home from work she got a call from her son, "Mom, you know the tree that was half dead? Well, it fell down and took a power line with it."  The small tree that fell in our yard during the last storm  (to the tune of a $300 removal) is small in comparison to my friend's tree!  It's been a windy few weeks in the Portland area....more


I'm not quite ready to show you a decorated house, because a decorated house isn't quite done. However, take a look at my garage!...more

New Season, New Home

This weekend was a Christmas weekend in every sense.  Bridgette and I got to go downtown and watch the Christmas tree lighting ceremony.  Unfortunately, Bradley wasn't with us (he was with his dad), but we had fun singing Christmas carols, loudly, with our friends we met down there, we drank a Starbucks Red Cup holiday drink, we unexpectedly got to say hello to a good friend who happened to be downtown as well, and we did a little shopping, too....more
I knew that was Portland before I even saw the caption :)  Its so hard to reconcile a the post ...more

A Message to Single Moms

Being single can be tough. Being a single MOM can feel downright impossible. Especially when it comes to dating. So I'm going to tell all the single mamas out there, the very words I've needed to hear myself at times: you are worthy. Believe it, because it's true. ...more

Can a Mom Survive Bottled Up Energy and Giggles at Dinner Time?

Do you ever just FLIP OUT on your kids for no reason other than they're being TOO happy?! Cause I have. Yep. I'm not proud of it. I just simply don't understand it. They will be absolutely content with each other at the dinner table, cracking each other up, not hitting or not not-hitting-but-kinda-hitting, not tattling, not asking me for anything, just genuinely enjoying each other's company while I quietly eat my own slice of Papa Murphy's Take 'n Bake white pizza. ...more
Great post....Yes, these are the best of days......Simply Enjoy...more

Underwriters Get Personal

I’ve never been clear what an underwriter does.  But now I am. They analyze your expenses and income to determine if you are a risk to the lender.  I am buying a house and deep in the process....more

An Interview with Real Housewife of NYC - Amanda Sanders

 Last week I had the pleasure of speaking one-on-one with Amanda Sanders, one of the newest cast-wives on the Bravo series, The Housewives of NYC. She is a savvy single mom balancing a full plate of professional successes while raising two beautiful young daughters. We had a frank discussion about her unexpected journey to single motherhood. The good and the bad of her ex-husband’s key to her home, what it’s like being a Bravo housewife and the exciting launch of her new jewelry line. KZ: Are you a full-time single mom? In other words, do you have 100% custody?...more