Underwriters Get Personal

I’ve never been clear what an underwriter does.  But now I am. They analyze your expenses and income to determine if you are a risk to the lender.  I am buying a house and deep in the process....more

An Interview with Real Housewife of NYC - Amanda Sanders

 Last week I had the pleasure of speaking one-on-one with Amanda Sanders, one of the newest cast-wives on the Bravo series, The Housewives of NYC. She is a savvy single mom balancing a full plate of professional successes while raising two beautiful young daughters. We had a frank discussion about her unexpected journey to single motherhood. The good and the bad of her ex-husband’s key to her home, what it’s like being a Bravo housewife and the exciting launch of her new jewelry line. KZ: Are you a full-time single mom? In other words, do you have 100% custody?...more

An Old Man, A Mutt, and a Funeral: Taming the Wake of Voices in My Head

Ahead of schedule, I smugly buckled my youngest child . The dog jumped in behind. It was time for a physical for the four-legged member of our family. Heart worm, flea and tick season were on their way. After the appointment, I’d sweep by school to pick up my daughter, who was at the Humane Society volunteering and whisk her off to her ball game. If all went well, everyone would get to their destination — right on time (or even before)....more

6 Tips for the Single Working Mom with a Disabled Child

Is your employer giving you a tough time about taking time off to care for a disabled child? It is not uncommon for single parents to experience issues in the workplace when time off is needed to be with their children. In many cases, as a single parent the need for time off can be quite unpredictable, especially if your child is disabled or battling a long-term medical condition. With that may come less job security if you are not well-informed about your rights as an employee or do not take the necessary steps to exercise those rights.   ...more

Single Mom: You are not the Father & That's Okay

This post is dedicated to single mothers who are currently raising or are preparing to raise young boys. ...more

Life of a Solo Mama

At the entrance of our home there is a sign that reads,"Happy is what we make it. Always has been, always will be." Ironically the sign sits atop a coat hanger that is used mostly on rainy or cold, dreary days. It serves as a positive daily reminder to focus less on what appears to be "wrong" or missing in our lives and more on the many blessings we take part in everyday as a family. ...more

Pocketful of Bands, Rings or Posies?

“If you can guess what I have in my pocket, you can have it. You will need to guess it before I reach home”, I heard my manager pamper her daughter with these promising words over the phone. It was her daughter’s tenth birthday and she had organized a party in the evening. This meant a long day at work for me. My manager shared her work load with me and took off early for her more important chores. Obviously, I had to complete my set of tasks as well. After closing the urgent issues, I decided to call home to inform I will be late. It was evening seven when I called home....more

Doing More with Less

I wrote this in response to the BlogHer prompt: 'Tell us about a time you did more with less'.I was 2 weeks into a trip around South America for which I had left my home, job and boyfriend. I had spent all my savings and more, in my hurry to escape a bad situation at home. I came home when I found that I was already 6 weeks pregnant....more

Birth Song...


Celebrating 12 Years of Single Parenthood

This month is my 12-year anniversary of single parenthood, and I want to share 10 reasons I would not exchange this experience for anything in the world. From time to time, both married and single parents look at the other side of the fence and think the grass looks greener. All I know is the grass includes dry patches, weeds and thorns on both sides.1) The bond I share with my child is deeper than I believe it may be had I not been single....more