Life As A Single Mom Between Two Worlds

We all know life isn't always unicorns and rainbows. We all have good days as well as bad. There are days when my life seems so perfect that I wouldn't trade it for any other. And by perfect, I mean a clusterfuck; faults, flaws, and hurts included in with all the smiles and fun. There are times when I absolutely adore this clusterfuck of motherhood, work, creativity, and adventure. ...more
Totally! I struggled trying to re-find my "fun self" for quite some time. It's also hard not to ...more

If You Lack the Means to Pay

I didn't get to expand nearly as much as I wanted in my post, Paying Off Debt. In my effort to share some solid financial insight from Phylicia, absent was my own feelings about money, and how it fits in my life. Money has been a bit of a struggle for me much of my life. When I was growing up, money was scarce....more

Paying Off Debt

It's been eighteen days since my last blog post. It feels like forever, but Wordpress spells it out. Eighteen days. And as I ready myself for bed, longing for a goodnight sleep before the workweek begins again (my employer gave us President's Day off, Yea!), I know that sleep will win out over posting a well written blog. Even with a three day weekend, I other things took priority over writing. Writing takes discipline I'm not finding right now, for that, anyway....more

I Really Can't Believe It

My view when I walked in the door, and was greeted by our sweet receptionist with: "Do you like your new office?...more


The building where I work. It's especially pretty early in the morning. ...more

The New Year is Under Way

I’ve finished my first week on the job, which was spent in school. 120 handwritten pages, and three pens, and this back that doesn’t like to sit all day has survived, and survived it well. I wasn’t crazy about school, but I liked the information (most) I was learning! I could have done without Ocean and Inland Marine insurance, but it’s part of the license exam, so it’s part of the class. Bradley wondered why he has to learn about some of the algebraic lessons he’s learning in school right now, and I get to relate to him on a whole new level....more

First Day of School...I Mean, WORK

It's the night before I begin my first day of work, but my emotions take me back to the first day of school.  At one point in my life I would get my room in order and plan out my clothes for the next week. Once school was in full force, that type of preparation slipped and I was like most everyone else, where I scrambled in the morning to get dressed. But I remember the anticipation well, and fondly....more

Prayer for 2015

Dear God, I thank you for this day in Portland, Oregon. The sky is clear, the sun reflects outside my window on the house across the street. It's crisp and beautiful. I thank you for the comfort of my home....more

My Job Interview

Before I get to the job interview (Believe me, I'm not stalling. There's just a lot going on!), A Merry Hour it was!  Last night we had a great time in the spirit of the holidays eating, talking, drinking, and barking....more

The Struggle with God's Will for Our Life

One night a friend called to tell me that she had a friend, who was also her insurance agent, who would be adding to his team in the capacity of a Customer Service Representative.  I love this friend. I trust her. I know instinctively based on who she is and our relationship, that her words have value. Those words spoken to me by another person may have held little value....more