What if I'd Said...Just Drive

I had a recurring nightmare as a child:  It started with my brother and me in a parking lot in my mother’s Pink Panther Pink ’69 Mustang convertible with a white rag top and a rumble seat instead of a trunk.  A limited number of them had been produced by Ford for the county Blossom Time Festival parade to carry all the community queens.  The particular parking lot we were in, however, was outside a crumbling brick building in a rather questionable area of a southwest Chicago suburb, near where we lived for a couple of years when I was in elementary school.  My mom was a ...more

Air Force to Single Mom: Get Married, Give Up Your Baby or Get Out!

Pregnancy discrimination is illegal, right? You can't be fired or denied a job just because you're expecting, right? I mean, it's 2012, right? Wrong, as Rebecca Edmonds has found out after being dismissed from the Air Force for getting pregnant. While single. Apparently that's "forbidden" in the Air Force. Edmonds is understandably upset and fighting her case....more
@michellealanis Thank you for clarifying for readers.  As a dual mil couple myself (we're both ...more

You've Come A Long Way, Baby

I very rarely, if ever, give myself enough credit, but I have, indeed, come a long way.  I've come a long way from: The frightened, ashamed, in-shock woman I was when I realized I had to call off my engagement when I was only 2 months pregnant and proceed as a single mother by choice. The justifiably angry woman I was during 7 months of gestating all by myself because I had no one to take care of me during a time when most women are cared for with an abundance of love and attention and made to feel special. The mother of a newborn; alone, exhausted, riddl...more

Child Support: Can All States Do What Maryland Is Doing?

I read an editorial piece from the Baltimore Sun about Maryland’s efforts in collecting child support from non-custodial parents. Basically, Maryland was frustrated with the results the standard practices were yielding, put some thought into it, and changed things up. And they’re getting results. I, of course, was interested. Better child support collection methods? Do tell....more

Saying No to Math Club: Just Another Time Being a Single Mom Stinks

"Anna is my best Math student, and also tops in Science. She should join Math Maniacs and we'd also love to have her on the Imaginarium Lab team." Math club and Science club. She'd love it! She'd be so good at it! I want her to do it! But I know before I ask how this will play out. I ask anyway. "When do they meet?" "Right after school -- one every other Tuesday and the other is the second Wednesday of the month. They're done by four-thirty." I turn with an apologetic look to my daughter, who already knows how this will go, too....more
 @SingleMomtism  @Rita I'm sure you tell her how much you appreciate that. I don't think you can ...more

More Single Parent Rhetoric

  While I'm loathe to post two semi-political posts in a row, I can't stop myself. I have to take issue with this: ...more
Thanks for saying this. I don't know why these candidates target single mothers, and for that ...more

Finding Balance: Motherhood vs. Womanhood

Being a mother isn’t easy but being a woman isn’t easy either.  For over 12 years I have been mother of a fantastic boy, and I wouldn’t trade a second of those years for anything else in this world.  However, the road through motherhood has not been easy for me at all.  Before I became a mother, I would “ooh and awe” at mothers who crossed my path, I would make faces while coddling someone else’s little bundle of joy, and at around 28 years old, I had those awful depressed moments when I thought my “biological clock" was running out.  I am a late b...more

Single Parenting Is Not a Disease

Contrary to popular belief, single parenting is not a disease. It’s not an illness overtaking society, or an addiction that must be overcome no matter what. “Hello, my name is Molly Jo, and I’m a Single Parent.” Yes, it’s a dilemma that can be draining on society. But it’s not always something to be pointed at with pity. Being a single parent doesn’t make me a cancer on society any more than eating lettuce makes you a vegetarian. If you only eat lettuce, even that doesn’t make you a vegetarian. It doesn’t even make you a rabbit. Rabbits eat more than just lettuce. It makes you a lettuce eater....more
Thank you, Polish Mama. I appreciate that!more

Statistics and Single Moms: My Child Isn't a Criminal!

When I read statistics on single mothers, the only question I had is if we raise criminals and drug addicts is this not the father's fault, the one who choose to walk away? I agree a child needs two parents, but Single Mothers did not make children out of thin air, no matter if it was a one night stand or a long-term relationship. The mothers should be hailed as heroes for the responsibilities they willingly take and do to the best of their abilities. ...more
@mommaheids I'm so sorry you have so much on your plate but keep your head up and when you get ...more

Wrestling my way through defeat. Literally.

I was the first girl to ever wrestle in my high school.  My claim to fame ends there.I wrestled for one full year.  Then I quit.  Wrestling was not like any other sport I had ever played.  The wins were exhilarating, and the losses, devastating.When I played soccer or rugby, any team game, we won as a team, and we lost as a team.  Swimming was a solitary sport, but I was good at that.  I was a strong swimmer and I won many meets.Then entered my life, wrestling....more