Real Discussions About Sex: "I Wasn't Planned?"

Weeks ago, I decided to have the “birds and bees” conversation with my son. Seeing that I had his complete attention, and thinking that this may be my only chance to get some real facts in, I began telling him about the 1% factor in birth control and that abstinence is the only 100% method. I explained that even though 1% is an extremely low percentage, it is a fact that should not be ignored; especially since, he too, falls in the 1% equation. He looked at me with wide eyes and said, “I wasn’t planned?” In that split second, I decided the truth would, ultimately, be better than telling a lie just to make him feel better....more
Tangential but important point: It's very misleading to refer to a '1% factor' in terms of birth ...more

A Lesson on Parenting: To Honor A Mockingbird

Good post. That is heartbreaking, to know that the parents desperately wanted to reconnect with ...more

We Need A Village

Ever heard the statement, “It takes a village to raise a child”?  When I was growing up, I spent a lot of time with a family that I considered my family over time.  There were so many kids to play with,  and I felt like I was part of something whole.  We called each other “cousin”, and it stayed like that through my adolescence and even into my young adult years.  The reason, I’m mentioning the alternate family that I grew up with is because those weren’t just great childhood memories for me.  They were small breaks for my mother too.  All of those weekend...more

The Love of My Life

In my past blogs, I have written about the trials and tribulations of being a single mother.  Today I want to write about the other feelings behind being a single mother, the joy!  ...more

Both sides of the coin

Sometimes it's easier being a single parent because...You don't have to consult with anyone about appropriate punishmentYou don't have to make sure you're "on the same page" with anyoneYou get to decide how long the grounding lastsYou get to make all the rulesYou get to be the boss of everyone. Sometimes it's harder being a single parent because...You don't have anyone to consult with about appropriate punishmentYou don't have anyone to make sure you're "on the same page"...more

Will it be Door #1, #2 or Door #3? Whichever one you choose, choose wisely.

Life is about choices. Yes there are some obstacles that will be thrown your way and some test that will come, but it is all about which way you will go when you meet the fork in the road....more

How do you cope when your husband travels?

My husband travels for business and every month or two he is gone for anywhere from a few days to a week.He is currently in Seattle (haha it's raining there) and this time around I zeroed in on the pattern of behavior that I go through each and every time he travels.Read through my stages of being a temporary single parent after the jump....more
One of my close friends husband works alot of shift work so we make plans from dinners out to ...more

This journey

Being on holiday this week I relished in my nothing to do-ness and set out yesterday morning with no goal other than to be outside. First thing, I grabbed a book and headed to a café for my coffee, a treat I don’t often indulge in. Lately, Collin and I have been adventuring closer to home with rental bikes.  (3 Euros a day including lights, locks, baskets, and helmets!) The trail system is unbelievable.  On our adventures we stumbled across other trail systems, trails leading into the hills!...more

You're welcome to read this.... I don't have much to offer other than fried chicken

... I dont really have fried chicken .... What I do have is a decision to not tell you that Applebees ruined my life... and tell you this story instead.I dont really know where to start...  Last night I gave my son the silent treatment for the first time although... this is not the first time he has done this... so before you judge my tactics.... he is a master of his art.... Shaggy blonde hair... innocent blue eyes... Looking up at me through those glasses I saved up for so that he would not be unstylish in Jr. High......more

Two Down -- Now What?

“Are you getting rid of your ex-husband’s last name?” they ask. “I don’t have his last name,” I answer. “So Conner is your maiden name?” “No.” And then I get the confused look, and I have to heavily sigh and explain the stupidity of my early adulthood. “It’s my first ex-husband’s last name,” I say with a slight groan. “..oh. Oh. Oh! You were married BEFORE?!” is usually their response. ...more