I Asked 6 Guys To Dinner and They All Said No

When I started my blog, I saw myself as Carrie Bradshaw. Reality check: I'm Bridget Jones.If a semi-attractive girl with a fun job, sparkling personality, and killer (or so I’m told) smile, asked you to be her date for a five-course wine pairing dinner at a “fancy” restaurant, what would you say?The answer wasn’t what I hoped…to say the least....more
Try not to feel so bad about this.  Maybe the dinner just wasn't the best idea for a first date? ...more

Female and Single: Yes, We're Fine.

I don’t know if this is still a thing but if you’re a single woman and you still get asked “Why are you single?” followed by a concerned, pity face, you’re not alone.I’m that girl. I’m the single girl who has been single for longer than I could even remember. I’m actually okay with it. I bet most of us are until people around us start to talk about women and relationships, or even marriage for that matter, as if it is a goal, as if being with someone for a prolong period of time is the proof of the female’s quality....more
I completely agree. Woman need to know it is okay to not have someone or a relationship. One ...more

The stigmas of womanhood

I was in the store with my son, when a woman remarked at how well behaved he was being. I smiled (because I was filled with mommy happiness at the compliment) and agreed - he is a really great little guy. Then, the conversation took a turn for the worse....more

4 Ways to Enjoy Valentine’s Day When You Are Single

I’m just going to say it! It is tough to be a single woman on Valentine’s Day....more

Ask Yourself These 4 Questions Before You Turn Down A Second Date

Have you ever gone on a date that went well enough, but you weren’t sure if you should go on a second date?It happens to the best of us. We met someone, had a decent date, but there was no spark. Nothing bad happened on the date so there are no major complaints or red flags, but the lack of spark left you undecided about a second date.When we romanticize love, we think about that first moment when you meet someone and your heart skips a beat. You feel the butterflies in your stomach and you automatically just know. As great as love at first sight seems, it isn’t real....more
adelewishnot so glad the advice was right on time for you. You're right, fireworks fizzle, and ...more

The Most Important Question to Ask On a 1st Date

When dating with a purpose, the single most important question you should ask and be able to answer honestly on your first date is what are you looking for? It’s never too early to get your intentions out of the way and see whether they align with a new or potential partner....more
Gael Breton Thank you Gael. We really should be setting the tone for our relationship as early ...more

5 Tips For Your Next First Date

When a man goes on a date, he’s more likely to consider your physical appearance before any other attribute to determine if he’ll be seeing you again. The sad truth is that not only is physical appearance important to a man on a first date, it’s also one of the main things that contribute to his happiness and satisfaction in a marriage. In knowing this harsh reality, a woman must make a great first impression....more

15 Dating Resolutions You Need To Make In 2015

2015 is upon us! If you’re finding yourself still single, freshly dating, or in a complicated situation, this is the best time to start fresh and figure out what you really need. You can sulk in the idea of another year’s worth of unfulfilled potential, or take action toward finding the love you deserve.Not sure where to start? Here’s my list of 15 dating resolutions you should make in 2015:...more
EvaHardt Yes, well knowing the purpose for your interaction whether romantic or friendship is ...more

Thankful for singleness

 I had a plan.It was a good one, too. I’d seen it work out so many other times, so I decided I was all in.I was going to go to college, fall in love and then get married....more

Four Things You'll Encounter If You're Single

 Maybe you’re newly single.  Maybe you’ve ALWAYS been single.  Perhaps you’re divorced.  On a break. No matter what the scenario is, there’s one thing I know to be true about your situation.  You are going to encounter at least one of the four things listed below....more