How To Keep The Conversation Going On A Date

We’ve all been there. We’re 15 minutes into a date and that awkward silence hits. Your mind goes blank and it feels like light years have passed before either of you can figure out what to say next. You can’t for the life of you think of an interesting story to tell or the latest headline to discuss. What are you to do?...more

How To Tell If He's Relationship Material Before He Ever Speaks

My friend Rachel has a gift. She can spot relationship material as soon as a man walks through the door. I’ve been fascinated with her gift and started to analyze all of the men that I’ve dated for the last 18 months to see if there are some first impression patterns in the men who were ready for a relationship vs the ones who were not....more

On Being a Single Parent

I have been a single mom for 10 years. My son is now 14...a lovely bright, wholesome boy. My ex husband left when he was 4. This was not how it was supposed to be...i put off having children as long as i possibly could. So when i finally became a mom and had a lovely healthy  bonny 9lb son, this was all supposed to be heaven from here on. But of course, life has some surprises in store...some not  so nice. I never imagined that i would be a single mom. I had the house, the husband i loved, the career and now a son!...more

What I Love Most About Being Single? Falling in Love with ME!

"You’ve got to be optimistic to be single. Stupid. You have to be stupid. That’s what optimistic means, you know? It means stupid. An optimist is somebody who goes, “Hey, maybe something nice will happen."  Why the f*ck would anything nice happen?"-Louis C.K****...more
agirlwhodreams TOTALLY!  The past year has been an incredible learning experience for me and I ...more

Is Chivalry Dead?

   We hear this question all the time:  Is Chivalry Dead?I often teeter the line on being a full-blown feminist, and feminists believe in equal rights and equal treatment of both sexes.  Right?  So does that make me a hypocrite if I still want to be treated a certain way because I’m a female?  Ya know; nice, old-fashioned, polite gestures from men?  IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK?!...more

21 Things I Wish I Knew When I Was Younger

 1.  Travel more.  Travelling makes you appreciate life more; the more you see and experience new things and places, the more you appreciate being alive.  You see the beauty of nature, and you feel closer to your Maker like never before.  You get to release stress, you worry less, you become a happier person, and you see things from a different perspective.  You realize it's a beautiful world we live in, and it's amazing to be granted the gift of life....more

Don't listen to the movies & what negative parents say !

Are you afraid that your life will change once you have children? I don't have kids but I can tell from my own experience that my parents did not let kids drag them down.Growing up, We went away a lot with my family,cousins, &  with other friends.We used to  also go to my grandmother's house every Sunday. Us kids would play in our usualy spot outside or in the hallway while the parents would sit, gossip & have coffee....more

Wedding Invitation Without a Plus One

I understand why some of us call an ex-friend’s ex-boyfriend’s friend of a friend just to have a date: they need a human shield. Because weddings. Fuck.  The pleasure of your company is requested. Just yours. No Plus One. Though I go solo to weddings exclusively, this pisses me off. I’ve searched my soul for an explanation to my annoyance, one that rises above pettiness. A part of me must be jealous. Nah. ...more

Being single sucks

I called the only person I could think of, Woo. He didn't answer, which was understandable, it was about 4 in the morning. I later saw my roommates and told them what happened, that was the last time we talked about it. As the day went on I could feel the aches, there were bruises on my neck and arms. I had to work that night, I got lucky in a sense, there was banquet that I had to work. Which means instead of a short sleeved low collared pollo I got to wear a long sleeved button up shirt....and a bow tie lol But at least you couldn't see anything....more