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Hugs and Champagne

I’ll admit that I am having a bad day. Like, a really bad day. One of those two anxiety pills kind of ones.It’s this time when, while I don’t normally wish I had boyfriend, I do right now. Maybe not even a boyfriend. Just someone to put their arms around me, tell me it’s all going to be OK and kiss me on my forehead. Someone who will text me during this terrible day with a smiley face. Someone I can turn to when everyone else is turning to me....more

I don't date...

  I remember being pregnant with my twins, thinking my life was over! I was already a single mom of one daughter and now I was about to be a single mom of not two, but THREE kids!!! Who in their right mind would want to date me?? I’m doomed to be alone forever!...more

SHUT that door, Girl! ..and Other Thoughts On Love

Recently, I had a conversation with a good friend about her relationship--just girl talk, nothing special. We discussed the normal stuff: how deep the feelings were, was there a possible future? and of course- how good the sex is. *chuckle*...more

Single and Childless in the South

The great majority of the time, I love living in the south. The people are friendlier, life goes by at a slower pace, cost of living can’t be beat, and my family has been here since the 1700′s – the south is part of me....more
Great post! And I'll jump on the band wagon here and say you are definitely not alone! I'm 45 ...more

It's time to go home, wherever that is.

I'm a full-time grad student lucky enough to have my own studio apartment, courtesy of my University job. I decided that some time at home with my family was needed, and verbally committed to spending the week of Christmas at my mom & dad's house. Normally, this would be stressful. (Trust me, it has been at times.) However, I was looking forward to homecooking, family time, and cuddling with my dog, a lot....more

Why Are You Still Single?

This question aggravates me to no end. I hate when men ask me this question. It’s not like I haven’t asked myself this question a couple times, but to hear it fall out of someone else’s face gets on my nerves. I think it is rude and inappropriate. There are many factors as to why I am single and I don’t owe any explanations to anyone with regards to why. What further kills me is when he then blames me for being single by following the question up with “What’s wrong with you?” Why is it that there has to be something wrong with me?...more

The Day You Left Me

Most of all, thank you for leaving me the blanket for when I curl up on the couch to sleep tonight, my laptop at my side, a pile of books at hands’ reach -- the way you first found me, only so much more. You leave me as more, not less, because of your refusal to let me leave that first time I tried -- the second and third, so long ago now -- when I was terrified of closeness. You taught me that closeness was possible. You taught the wildfire the beauty of a hearth. And maybe I'm not meant to be a hearth, but now I know what it means to be a safe place even as I rush across Sepulveda Pass. ...more
Beautiful - thank you for sharing!more

I Found Love Online and You Can Too

When deciding to find a date online, safety is first and foremost. There are a lot of whackos out there but on the flip side, there are a lot of good people that are serious about wanting to meet someone. Use your common sense at all times. Most on-line sites won't allow you to post contact information. You must go through their site to contact a person. Don't give out any personal information until you are sure you are ready to talk in person. ...more
@Robinette B I remember thinking how strange it was to think people were meeting over the ...more