Chapter Two

She hurriedly shook that feeling and deftly released the sheet from the bed while simultaneously wrapping it the rest of the way around her, and glided to the adjoining bathroom....more

The M Word

You would think that with 100% Caribbean blood flowing through my veins like Meyer’s rum, I’d be better equipped to deal with this grossly sticky heat wave swamping NYC at the moment. You would, apparently be wrong. My current defense against heat stroke seems to be, “shut off brain, direct all blood flow to extremities, and please for the love of god find me a fan.” Hence, zero bloggage over the last couple days. My brain overheated and could barely handle its normal tasks, writing was out of the question....more

Can We 'Get Real' About Sex in Church?

A few weeks ago my close friend Tina called after a difficult week at church. Her pastor was preaching a series about marriage, and he was all about "getting real."From her perspective, "getting real" meant that he was about to talk about sex....more
 @LetThemEatGreat Totally agree with what you're saying here. I had some pretty tumultuous years ...more

Divorce Envy? Yep.

Sometimes I am jealous of divorced women. Oh, not for the reason you might think; not because they've had at least one husband and I've had none. I feel jealous of divorced women because they have more social capital than I do. They exist on a higher rung on society's status ladder than I do because I am an eternally single woman with no kids -- a spinster. By choice. There. I said it, I own it and life is good. I've built a pretty nice life for myself but people still look askance at me and my fellow spinsters from time to time....more

Is he waiting at the school gate?!

I want to share this article with all of you. My friend & I were reading an edition of Womans Weekly from 1961 and stumbled across this article in the 'love advice' section!Click on my blog link below to read!

Why, Oh Why, Didn't I Have Kids?

Why don't I have kids?  Because I never really wanted 'em.  They're not for everybody, something I tried to explain to a woman I met recently.  She looked at me like I was speaking a foreign language that she didn't understand.  And I guess I kind of was, because she has four kids and couldn't seem to shut up about them.  And, actually, she was more than just "a woman", she was a client so I felt it important that I be clear but oh so polite.  I would like her to hire me again…even though she probably thinks of me as 'that strange woman with no kids'....more

My Favorite Life Lessons

There's an old expression that "youth is wasted on the young." I heard it all my life and never quite got it.  I just thought those who said it --who were always older than I was-- were just annoyed that they were older than whoever it was they were thinking of when they made the comment. Now I know better. That expression has nothing to do with being annoyed at someone younger than you are, it's all about having learned that we don't really really know what life is all about until we've lived awhile....more

The Best Relationship Advice I Ever Got!

Actually, this story I'm about to tell is probably not about the best relationship advice I've ever gotten, but it is certainly about my favorite relationship advice.  It still makes me smile. ...more

Raving lunatic of the dating world seeking significant other...

 What's the deal, really? Has my karmatic invoice arrived? Have I accumulated bad dating karma because I have killed roughly 30 house flies during the course of one Sunday? Did I break several mirrors? Is it because I keep riding the bus for free without buying a ticket? Is it the handfulls Splenda packs that my homeboy Ivan and I used to steal from Starbucks?...more

Return of the EX

What are you supposed to do when the ex who broke your heart contacts you after months of silence?My last contact with Mr Ex was 3 months ago – he broke my heart then wrote me a text message telling me to ‘delete my number’. So I got the point, deleted his number and eventually got over him via the rule ‘out of sight, out of mind’. Last Friday night I received an email from him that had ONE WORD in it......”HI”. Seriously, could he not have written anything more?This one little word has brought back a rush of emotions....more
So - I want an answer. I am far too curious! Its one of those things that when it reappears, it ...more