A Woman and Her Six Husbands

The other day, I saw a guy on TV who was promoting his new book, "The Six Husbands Every Woman Should Have."  I stopped what I was doing to have a look and listen.  Geez, if I'd known I should have six husbands, marriage might have been more appealing to me.  It was the whole finding-one-and-till-death-do-us-part thing that tripped me up. ...more

Happy Valentines Day to all my SINGLE LADIES!!!

This is just a quick shout out to all of my beautiful single ladies - HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!I think today we need our girlfriends to be our Valentines and think about all of the laughs, love and happiness they bring to our lives, NOT think about men!!Below are the pictures that most represent my thoughts for today..... I think the last one is my favourite <3...more

Making Valentine's Day Your Friend

Lots of single women dread Valentine’s Day. I would like to change that. For too many single women, Valentine’s Day is a loud reminder that they have no man (or woman, in some cases) to love. It’s a loud reminder of their sad, lonely lives…even though most days their lives are not very sad and not that lonely. On Valentine’s Day it is. And the lead-up to it is fraught with anxiety because “whatever will she do” on this day when couples all over the country are celebrating? (Even though that isn’t really happening). When I was a kid, I loved Valentine’s Day....more

That question....

It seems to be that in every social situation, i am asked the dreaded question........ "Do you have a boyfriend?". As always, i smile and respond "no, I'm living the single life!"....more

Does marriage make people happier?

Or is it simply living together that does? Researchers have studied marriage versus single life for decades. But nobody has studied marriage versus cohabitation over the long term. That’s was the crux of this research to come out of the latest issue of the Journal of Marriage and Family courtesy of Cornell University’s College of Human Ecology. ...more

I'm Single and Happy...Why Does That Make Them So Mad?

I'm a single woman, no children. Been that way all my life. Over the years I've gotten lots of questions from curious people as to why this is so. I'm not a troll (so I'm told), and I have a reasonably pleasant personality, so lots of people don't understand how this could be. That I'm okay (actually, happy) about this is really befuddling to more than just a few people. So, a little over a year ago, I started a blog, The Spinsterlicious Life, my musings about the realities and joys of being single and child-free. ...more


DEC6MATCH.COM- ANSWERING EMAILS 2nd day in and I've decided to actually answer some of these 48 emails.  Not the ones that are ridiculous!  There are many of those!  Can you believe that men actually start with 'Hey Baby.'  Really?...more


I finally joined Match.com after posting my profile last week.  I had 48 emails and 7 winks!  That's pretty good right!  I have to admit it was pretty fun to read all the emails and check out what men had to say.  WOW!  Men are sooo funny!  It must be really difficult to be a man.  Seriously.  All I had to do was post a picture.  Men on the other hand,  see the picture and  they have to come up with an opening line....more

Friendly Husband, Chilly Wife. Now What?

There's a couple I've known for a few years.  We have lots of mutual friends and see each often at various social events.  We're also neighbors.  In theory, we could get together on our own, and not just rely on others to get us together.  Except there's one problem.  I don't think the wife likes me.  It's awkward. ...more

The Precious

I have a fake engagement ring.It’s huge. It’s pink. It’s sparkly and takes up half of my finger. If don’t even think the stone is as upscale as a cubic zirconia – more like an accidentally well-shaped bubble of plastic that was left out in the heat....more