Wordless Wednesday: The Sisters Edition

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Explaining the "Sexually Creative" to my Latino Boyfriend: Convincing Him to Believe in Rainbows

When T and I first started dating our best language in common was Spanish. My Spanish at the time was admittedly a fun time...as in very creative and very not correct.  I had graduated from telling my host mother, "I to eat in the past," to, "I already ate," but more complex sentences were still beyond me unless I got creative.  Therefore, it took several dates for T and I to talk about some more serious things, especially of political nature....more


Here’s to the 3 day weekend I’ll be having! Hanging out with myfave baby sis! I would take time to sit and post a meaningful, thought provoking post, but honestly, I’ll be having too much fun tonight [:...more

Cancer Can't Take A Joke

Several years ago, my sister was diagnosed with cancer—Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.If ever there was a time to vehemently deny the title of this blog and the notion that Life Is Funny (even when it’s not), it was at this moment. Life wasn’t funny and I didn’t think it ever would be again. I was devastated by her diagnosis.It was my closest dealing with the c-monster and I was terrified of the unknown and heartbroken that it was her—my very own sister—who was stricken with the unpredictable and vengeful disease....more

A Red Marble Sink

My sister said that yesterday's story about San Francisco reminded her that business trips can be fun.  And since she happens to be on one right now, I thought I would entertain her with another story about a time when I tagged along with her and we had us a fine time in the great big city....more

What's in a Title Anyway?

I have 3 sisters. If you ask me if I have siblings I will probably reply something like this "I have 3 sisters, but they are much younger than me so it is like they are my kids! Growing up with 4 girls, 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom- yikes!"Something you wouldn't know, unless you knew me or decided to dig deeper: We have different Dad's. So technically, they are my half-sisters....more

My Sister, Not My Friend

To say that my relationship with my younger sister has been less than perfect, would be the understatement of a lifetime. I would describe my relationship with my younger sister Tara Marie as turbulent, unstable and until very recently, upon the verge of eruption.My sister and I have always treaded lightly around each other as if we were walking around on cracked glass. Over the last year our already fragile relationship has been slowly cracking, and last October during my stepmother's violent behavior my relationship with my younger sister, Tara Marie, finally shattered....more
Loved your article. Like you and your sister, me and mine have only our parents in common. ...more

the face of joy

Last night, big sister was working on her solo ballet routine. In the last five minutes of the lesson, I am always called in to be the audience. Normally, her teacher has me film the performance as a learning tool.Don't film this time, just watch. Tell us if you notice anything different. I wasn't sure I would be able to see what they wanted me to, I have no training in dance. And my eyes are often blurred by tears....more

It's Like Having 24 Sisters

I find glitter EVERYWHERE - my skin, my hair, my clothes, even in my bed. Pop music can be heard blasting at pretty much every time of the day.We share clothes and shoes like nobody's business....more

A Sizzling Sister's Saturday!

We had felt no relief here from the heat all week long, with temperatures lingering in the triple digits each day.  However, when my sister asked if I would like to go shopping and out to lunch on Saturday,  I said, "Sure!  For as long as I can hold up in this heat." ...more