Friday 5: Celebrating the Week

~ 5 things from the week ~ Here's to simple neighborhood fireworks.(Being sarcastic here, folks. We were treated to a pretty amazing show without having to fight the crowds. I love how passionate some are about their fireworks! Happy 4th!)...more

Friday 5

~ 5 things from the week ~ Here's to something fun.Who's your Daddy? Well, in a few weeks we'll know exactly just who Justin is! For Father's Day we bought him a genetic testing kit. Spit in the tube, mail it back, then it tells all about your DNA and ethnicities. ...more

Cellulite 411: How to Do Away with Your Dimples

If you’re reading this, then you probably have cellulite…but it’s not too late. Most women will encounter those pesky dimples at some point in their lives. It can be a major source of insecurity for many, and the reason we cover up with a sarong or sometimes avoid the pool all together. We all secretly love to catch a glimpse of an unedited paparazzi shot exposing our favorite celeb caught off-guard sporting the tell-tale dimples that make them human, and we’ve probably tried every overpriced cream, wrap, or sonic treatment on the market. ...more
I'm not worried about my cellulite. So many other things in life to get worked up about.more

December Loves and Favorites

Simple & Natural Coconut Oil Face Wash

Coconut oil has become my new favorite beauty ingredient. I've been using it in my hair and skincare routines due to its ability to smooth my split ends, and soften and moisturize my skin. This DIY face wash recipe is perfect for saving money on those expensive store face washes, and a great alternative to face washes that contain many unnecessary and unnatural ingredients. ...more
AngelAviles That is awesome!  So happy you found it helpful!more

DIY Beauty: How To Dupe Lush Coalface

DIY Beauty Series: Natural Coconut Coffee Anti-Cellulite Body Scrub

 Welcome to my new Sunday series!  DIY Beauty ...more