My Latest Beauty Obsession

I'm super excited to share my latest beauty obsession with you. Some of you may be hearing about this product for the first time as it's been in the U.S. market for only about 7 months now! Laneige is a cosmetic brand owned by Amore Pacific, one of the largest cosmetics company in South Korea. It recently became a professional skincare brand focused on Advanced Water Science™ and was introduced to the U.S. exclusively through none other than Target....more

10 Beauty Uses Of Lemon Every Lady Must Know

You know the popular saying, ‘When life give you lemons, make lemonade‘?… Oh, please! When life gives you lemons, make lemon juice and give yourself some fantastic beauty treat....more

Skin 101-What Your Skin Needs From Cold to Warm=Fracking?

Dear Fashionistas,Take it from us, we have tried all the magic creams, lotions, potions and oils to keep our skin looking fresh and young.  But, only a few provided results.  So here is the rundown of products to take you from cold to warm weather months:...more

Top 10 Beauty Products For Spring 2014

Beauty products for Spring 2014 do everything from creating radiant, luminous skin to reducing the appearance of cellulite on your body. When the weather starts heating up during this time of year, it encourages each of us to refresh and update our image....more

Charocal....Who Would've Thunk it?!

You know, Andie, I never thought of charcoal as a cleaning agent.  What an amazing concept.  I ...more

Green Tea Facial Scrub

Beauty // At Home Face Mask

After a long day at work I think we all deserve a little bit of pampering. One of my favorite ways to pamper myself is to slap on a nice mask and read a beauty or fashion magazine. These are some of the masks I am loving right now. ...more