Social Media Measurement 101 For Small Business

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Three Ways To Use Social Media To Boost Sales

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Social Media Policies for Small Businesses: Part 2 - Who, What, When, Why and How

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Social Media Policies For Small Businesses: Why You Need One

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Are You Making Your Customers Feel Invisible?

Every successful business owner knows the importance of making sure the customer is satisfied with their product or service. Competition is FIERCE, particularly with the power of the Internet and expanding global markets.If a consumer doesn't like the product or service, or has a bad experience, all she has to do is tuck her credit card back into her purse and take her pick of any number of other businesses who will gladly give her what she's looking for....more

4 Reasons Your Small Business Should Be Marketing To Millennials

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Content Marketing Tips And Trends For Small Business Success

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Supporting your friend's MLM as you would any other local, small business

Your friend has come to you, bright eyed and breathless about her new MLM business venture. In response you; buy from her to show your support, tell her she is a fool for being 'duped' into joining one of 'those' companies, politely listen to her sales pitch about joining the company and then you do join (The best support ever! Let's do this together!), or do you tell her you only shop with local-small business owners? Buying from your friend, especially for the holidays, is incredibly supportive....more

Small Businesses: 3 Reasons Why You Need Social Media

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Social Media Success: Choose Quality Over Quantity

As a small business owner, it’s easy to get caught up creating “tangible” goals for social media engagement. If your posts are getting x number of likes and y number of shares, you’re doing it well, right? The answer isn’t clear cut....more