What Is the Difference between Marketing and PR?

As a writer for a Chicago marketing company, I’ve seen that many people use the terms public relations and marketing interchangeably, but the truth is, they are not the same thing. What exactly are they? How are they different? And, most importantly, which one should your business be using? Quick Definitions Marketing: The process of promoting, selling or distributing a product or service; the work of moving goods from producer to purchaser ...more
cardamomaddict  So if marketing is spin, and PR is accurate (in an ethical PR practice) then is ...more

Square For iPad Review

I recently bought an iPad, which has both limitations and benefits, but this review is about an iPad accessory. The Square credit card reader is high on my list today. I did some tasting appointments today, and when you get to the end and the client says "I'd like to book...do you take credit cards?" I can now tell them that yes, I do. ...more

Streamlining: From Your Big Idea to 140 Characters

If you’re like me, you’ve got a lot going on. From those huge exciting dreams all the way down to those tiny little Tweets – all of it has a line on my day-to-day task list. If you’re looking for a way to make your life as a small business owner or budding entrepreneur a little more manageable, I’ve got a great free offer just for you....more

2012 and Small Business - Better? Worse? or the Same?

Recently I came across a news item that had me scratching my head. While times have been, well, interesting the last few years, I just don't understand what the doom and gloom is all about. If you predict bad times...guess what you'll get? Bad times. Because you've already pre-written a foregone conclusion. ...more
@BlogHer I say better for sure !more

Americans And Irish Green Cards

The very best advice I can give you is to visit the Green Card Permit page of the Citizen's Information Portal....more

Work like Picasso this year: Perfectionism be gone!

Yesterday I went to see the superb exhibition of Pablo Picasso’s work at the New South Wales Art Gallery. I’ve never been a huge fan and only knew a little about him but thought it worth a look as the exhibit had come all the way from the Picasso Gallery in Paris....more

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Powerful Beginnings (Getting Past Fear & Insecurity at the Start)

Whether you’re starting a new business, a new project, a new job, taking on a new role, fear and insecurity can begin to rear their ugly heads....more

Four Follow Ups to Your Business Plan- Group Consultations

You developed an idea. You researched the field you want to break into. You have support of friends and family. You wrote your business plan. You revised your business plan. Your personal finances are in order. Now what? Has anyone read your plan? Have you met with any banks to discuss funding? Where are you in your planning, really?...more

Securing Your Small Business Like A Bank

Banks know security. They have to, because as Willie Sutton once said “that’s where the money is”....more