How to Channel Your Inner Small Business Superhero

Small business owners and superheroes have much more in common than you think! With great power comes great responsibility, and entrepreneurs are responsible for so much on a daily basis that concerns their business, the staff employed there, and the customer base. Sometimes this much responsibility can seem overwhelming, but rather than give up or slack off, it’s a much better idea to channel your inner superhero and save the day for your small business!1) Stay flexible....more

Do You Give Yourself Enough Time & Space?

You promised yourself that you’d leave the office at a sane time for the upcoming weekend or that long-awaited vacation, but do you?  Or do you try to do “just one more thing”? Sound familiar? You decided to be your own boss because you wanted freedom and flexibility. But, are you giving it to yourself? ...more
It actually depends on what type of business that you are in. I have had multiple businesses ...more

4 Tips For Starting A Small Business With Your Spouse

Starting a business with one's spouse seems like a no-brainer for many people because we usually tend to bypass considering the downsides of working with someone we love, it’s natural. While you will definitely get to spend more time with that special someone as you build a business together, you also need to make sure that you build it correctly. Starting a business with someone you love can be a complicated matter, so you need to make sure you understand the main attributes of a successful business started by a husband and wife or even siblings....more

Better Your Business’ Social Media Presence This Summer

The outside temperature is in the 100s, the sidewalk could fry an egg and forget breathing in your car until the air conditioner’s kicked in. That’s right it’s Summer 2013. What better way to spend a scorching hot afternoon than to curl up in a nice air-conditioned office with some iced tea and your computer in front of you for the purpose of bettering your business’ social media presence?...more

4 Ways to Grow Your List of Prospects

When you own your own business you must constantly be working to grow your list of prospects. It's called keeping your pipeline full. If you don't take consistent action your numbers will simply dwindle over time. In this post Linda Daley shows you 4 ways you can continuously and consistently grow your list. ...more

How to Keep Up Your Blog in the Summertime

With only a handful of days left to go until May arrives, plenty of small business owners are focusing on how to drive in a bigger customer base and work around employee vacation scheduling. As far as maintaining a blog, whether it’s professional or even personal, that often finds itself falling to the wayside on the priority list and resurfacing back to life come September. Avoid letting the dust collect on your blog or posting semi-involved “filler posts” this summer with my tips!When in doubt, Instagram it out...more

5 Mobile Tools No Freelancer Should Go Without Testing

We all know that when it comes to being a freelancer, it’s all about having the right tools for the job that will make all the difference. However, not all freelancers incorporate mobile applications as a critical element of managing all their tasks, expenditures or boosting productivity. However, succumbing to signing up for every free tool you come across will definitely get you bogged down and ultimately end up being counterproductive....more

Do You Want to Help the Environment, Your Community, and Promote Small Business at the Same Time? Shop Local!

 "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtfully committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."  ~ Margaret Mead ...more

Don't give away your power. Stay focused on SUCCESS!

A reporter once asked me, "Susan, are there people who would like to see you fail?""Absolutely.  And I'm glad there are," I replied.  Surprised by my answer the reporter asked me to explain my answer.  The explanation is simple....more

5 Ways Cloud Technology Can Strengthen Your Business

If you haven’t already noticed, the workplace has changed dramatically over the last decade or so. Nowadays businesses are utilizing entirely different processes and leveraging non-traditional business structures to get things done. Thanks to advances in technology, business owners and up and coming entrepreneurs are now equipped with a whole range of options that can help them to effectively cut overhead business costs and streamline their company’s workflow at the same time....more