ABJ Photography and Growing a Photography Business

In my last post about photography I mentioned I might talk about aperture as a follow up to ...more

What Does it Mean to be Financially Secure?

Every year the usual articles hit the headlines: "Best Jobs for the Year Ahead!" and "Most Secure Jobs for [Insert Year]!". And, year after year, I have to resist the urge to scream -- stop lying to everyone, will you? Why do I feel the spin on these articles is a lie? Because one size does not fit all and security has nothing to do with a job, a particular industry, or the state of the economy. ...more
Great post! One thing to remember about earning more vs. minimizing financial obligations. When ...more

Chicky, Chicky, Chicken Pazza a great Valentines Dinner

We had a great day at the Bistro today.  Started off slow not much breakfast but it gave us time to get things ready for our valentines dinner.  I started the day off making muffins, egg casserole, fruit salad and yogurt parfaits for a womens meeting that had to be delivered at 9.  We had a family make reservations for 11:30 and from there on we ran our butts off.  The night cook usally comes in and helps at 2 get things ready for the night but he went to his sons wrestling met, which was great with me, I am all about family and that comes first.  I cook through the...more

I just add a bit of cheddar cheese and a sprinkle of paprika after it is plated for a bit of ...more

A Look into Business Psychologists


Making Time for My Husband

Sometime this morning, my husband and I will sit down at our kitchen table with two copies of our Microsoft Outlook calendars and hold a strategic planning session. Although we work together in our business, we will not be talking about client meetings, project reviews, or our business plan – we’ll be planning out who will do what (and when and where we’ll do it) over the weekend. Over the course of the last year, we’ve developed a very business-like approach to our personal lives....more

Protecting a Business Idea


Super Bowl Marketing: The Game within the Game

Bob Speyer writes about the benefits of super Bowl Marketing. Super Bowl + Xmas = A Marketers Dream.The Super Bowl is a lot like Christmas – for advertisers, consumers, sports fans, and just about anybody with a TV and chips. Aside from the entertainment value, major corporations down to the small business want to capitalize on the Super Bowl and ride its coattails to profit....more

Understanding Intrapreneurship


Perfect Moment Monday: Thanking Employees

My Perfect Moment for this week included the company of some wonderful friends and watching my husband be a shining example of what makes not just a good leader but a great leader. Every year my husband likes to acknowledge those who work for him. He realizes that saying “thank you” throughout the year means a lot to motivating his employees, but he chooses to show them by inviting them over to our home for dinner twice a year....more

Law of Attraction and Attracting the Right Clients

All of us involved in either running our own businesses or who work in a field that requires any type of selling know the importance of attracting or bringing forward not just clients but the right client. The right clients are those individuals who need/want your product or service and are ready to invest....more