How To Maximize Your Time On Facebook as a Small Business

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4 Social Media Tactics that Can Take Your Blog or Business to the Next Level

It is easy to get overwhelmed by all of the different social media advice available online. Social media experts are all keen to give you advice on how to maximize your social media reach, how to ensure that each update you post has maximum impact and reaches your target audience. It's overwhelming because in a way, they are all correct - if you had the time and the resources to be constantly monitoring, posting, updating, liking, retweeting, hashtagging or whatever then no doubt your blog or small business would be flying. ...more
Thanks for the tips! Keeping up with all the of the social media platforms can be so stressful!more

How To Choose The Right Social Media Outlet For Your Small Business

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Funny Stuff: Best Practices For Using Humor In Social Media

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How To Manage Your Social Media Activity Over The Holidays

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Digital Marketing Vs. Traditional Marketing – Newsflash, It’s ALL Marketing

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Small Business Social Media Goldmine: Your Staff!

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What If I Fall? Musings of a (Very) Small Business Owner

When I started my Etsy business last summer, I was unsure how it would take off. It was hard to juggle a second business on top of my everyday 9-5 job, but I was determined to create beautiful things and grow this little shop of mine. But, I was nervous to take the leap and start something new, when I had just started a new career a couple of months prior....more