What You Need To Know About Online Contracting

The promises of online contracting sites like Elance and oDesk are alluring. Clients will come to you. You will have a selection of assignments to choose from. Easy invoicing! Get paid!  But is it worth it? Are these online contracting sites the secret to landing more assignments? Writers say that they are good for filling in the budget gaps -- but they aren’t perfect. On the Inside ...more
Sarah - this is a great primer for how to succeed in online work.  On Elance, over 3k new jobs ...more

10 Things You Can Do When Business Slows at the Holidays

For many small and solo business owners (especially service based businesses), the holidays are a time when things slow down. So, how can you make the most productive use of this time? ...more
L.O.V.E. this!  Passing on to my team :-)more

Holiday Gift Guide for Entrepreneurs

What do most entrepreneurs and self-employed business owners want for the holidays? Gifts that fall into two main categories: Something that helps them move their business forward, or something that makes their life more enjoyable. ...more
@Karen Ballum I truly want an excuse for the projector..  Yes the little post-it flags. I could ...more

Women in Business – My Case for Why We Need to Help Ourselves!

"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." --Eleanor Roosevelt I read these words by Eleanor Roosevelt and immediately had that “aha” moment.  Maybe real value is only placed on the people who demand it.  ...more

How Committed Are You To Your Business: Quiz

Starting and managing a successful small business takes time, energy, money and a HUGE commitment. But the payoff can also be HUGE, in terms of personal accomplishment, satisfaction, happiness, and M0NEY! So just how committed are you?Here’s 10 questions to help you find out:...more

How to Blog Without Bragging

Guest blogging on another business’ site is a great deal all around. You get a new set of audience faces to expose your business to, a link back to your own site, and the host gets new content for their site, it really is a win-win all around. But how do you blog about your company and what you do without sounding too overly promotional or like you're trying to sell something?These three tips will make your business look good in your guest post without being too showy:...more

Working for Free: When Does It Make Sense?

Work for free?!? Pshh. Never! Right? Well … Generally speaking, I think writers should always be paid for their work. Your time is money, right? But there are no absolutes, and sometimes working for free really does make sense. When to Work for Free Sure, you want to be paid for your efforts. Can't blame you there (me too!). But sometimes doing some work for free can be really beneficial in the long term. ...more
Aside from portfolio building, sometimes I like to think about working for free as part of my ...more

Kill Them With Kindness

“I think it pisses God off if you walk by the color purple in a field somewhere and don't notice it. People think pleasing God is all God cares about. But any fool living in the world can see it always trying to please us back.” ― Alice Walker, The Color Purple...more

Converting to the Cloud: 5 Gains for Your Business

Believe it or not, most businesses are still slow to converting their documents to a cloud-based storage system. I get the initial hesitation though. Cloud storage often allows for material uploaded to be shared among many which for the more privacy-first inclined of us could be nerve wracking. And speaking of privacy… what about keeping said material private and secure without the worry it could get hacked into?...more

Five Tips to Becoming a Better Entrepreneurial Risk Taker

Entrepreneurs know how to take risks. Do you? Most people generally consider risk to be a four letter – something to be avoided and planned around at all costs.   However, researchers that study entrepreneurial achievement have found that your ability to become the next Steve Jobs is determined in large part by your comfort level with risky decisions. Not all risks are bad.  Some can be very rewarding. The key is learning how to take them with stride. ...more
 @starsiak Yes, some times people just need to be given the opportunity and then it becomes a ...more