Working for Free: When Does It Make Sense?

Work for free?!? Pshh. Never! Right? Well … Generally speaking, I think writers should always be paid for their work. Your time is money, right? But there are no absolutes, and sometimes working for free really does make sense. When to Work for Free Sure, you want to be paid for your efforts. Can't blame you there (me too!). But sometimes doing some work for free can be really beneficial in the long term. ...more
Aside from portfolio building, sometimes I like to think about working for free as part of my ...more

Kill Them With Kindness

“I think it pisses God off if you walk by the color purple in a field somewhere and don't notice it. People think pleasing God is all God cares about. But any fool living in the world can see it always trying to please us back.” ― Alice Walker, The Color Purple...more

Converting to the Cloud: 5 Gains for Your Business

Believe it or not, most businesses are still slow to converting their documents to a cloud-based storage system. I get the initial hesitation though. Cloud storage often allows for material uploaded to be shared among many which for the more privacy-first inclined of us could be nerve wracking. And speaking of privacy… what about keeping said material private and secure without the worry it could get hacked into?...more

Five Tips to Becoming a Better Entrepreneurial Risk Taker

Entrepreneurs know how to take risks. Do you? Most people generally consider risk to be a four letter – something to be avoided and planned around at all costs.   However, researchers that study entrepreneurial achievement have found that your ability to become the next Steve Jobs is determined in large part by your comfort level with risky decisions. Not all risks are bad.  Some can be very rewarding. The key is learning how to take them with stride. ...more
 @starsiak Yes, some times people just need to be given the opportunity and then it becomes a ...more



Interview with Jennifer Reuting, CEO of DocRun

Every small business owner has the need to create legal documents of some kind. For startups the cost of hiring a lawyer for document creation can be cost-prohibitive. Many small and solo entrepreneurs decide to just wing it and hope for the best forgoing any formal legal review. DocRun hopes to help business owners for whom formal legal document preparation is out of reach. I had the opportunity to conduct an email interview with CEO and Founder Jennifer Reuting recently. Here's what she had to say about the inspiration behind DocRun. ...more

My 5 Most Powerful Daily Habits

We all have habits, some good, some bad. Or shall I say, some that move us forward toward an inspiring future and others that keep us stuck in the past. Habits are where the intersection between life and business becomes even more blurry than usual (and those of you that read me regularly know I have a pretty expanded concept of how life and business intersect). This is why I wanted to share my most powerful daily habits with you. ...more
I work better when I don't multitask. It's not just the stress, but I also use multitasking as a ...more

Eggroll Gone Bad

Well another stellar day at the store. Ump went to Dodges and picked up some eggrolls for our lunch and we were eating them. Actually Ump was eating his and I was inhaling mine. We are sitting in our really cool Regis and Kellie barstools and life is good. Our good friend and vendor Sharon came in telling us how wonderful we were....I mean how wonderful her day was going and I tried to carry on a conversation with her without missing a bite.  Naturally I got choked. I'm talking for real choked....more

Starting Over

I am a Single Parent for the first time in 10 yrs with 4 boys.  I want to be smart about money and begin a new business.My journey begins with a few goals in mind.  1st- to give my 3 youngest sons a strong begining with education, sports, money and giving back.2nd - for me to find an extra $3000 a month to become debt free in the next year and save for my retirement in 20 yrs....more

How to Price Art

Over the years, I've figured out how to sell art, how to make art on commission, and even how to discount art without cheapening it. I know a thing or two about how art and money interact. It can be tricky, but there are really just four factors to take into account when you price your artwork to be successful....more