How to know if your small business is profitable

Amazing websites, social media, business lunches and awards are not the key determinants of whether you will stay in business or not. One of the key determinants for any business surviving in the long-term is the bottom line. The bottom line is important because it lets us know if our small business is profitable or not. ...more

How Can I Really Listen To My Customers On Facebook?

One of the added complexities of the social media strategy for your small business is that your content and your activity needs to be more than just broadcasting out your marketing messages....more

Money Lessons from Teresa Giudice: What every woman needs to do to avoid prison time for tax fraud

 In late 2014, Teresa Giudice- the captivating, hot-tempered, gorgeous Italian mama from the reality show Real Housewives of New Jersey, was sentenced to 15 months in prison. She and her husband have been convicted of defrauding the IRS over a period of 10 years....more
DanethaDoe BlogHer I feel so bad for her but the situation is a wake up call for other women to ...more

Suze Orman's budget advice for entrepreneurs

OMG. To say that I was excited to get an email from Huffington Post Live asking me if I wanted to go on-air with Suze Orman is a HUGE understatement....more
TheBudgetBrainiac thank you so much for reading!! Which tip stood out the most to you?more

4 financial tools every GirlBoss should use

I don't know about you, but running a business is the toughest thing I have ever done.  Don't get me wrong, it's the most exhilarating and most rewarding aspect of my life- and I wouldn't change it for the world. But it is also the hardest thing EVER.  Mainly because I am wearing all of the hats while trying to manage my business and personal finances....more

Social Media Audit – 3 Tips to Strategically Prep for 2015

This is a busy time of year, for both in business and in our personal lives. It may feel like an easy time to let up on your social media efforts, but that could end up biting you in the new year....more

5 Tips for Successful Holiday Messaging

Holiday season is here, and your customers are spending more time online than ever before. If ever there was a case for truly knowing your audience, the holidays are it. You want your brand to stay top of mind, while still being culturally sensitive....more

New Year, New Media, New Plans – Building A Solid Process for Social Media in 2015

Between Thanksgiving, holiday parties and dinners, and New Year’s festivities, you’re probably taking some time to plan for your small business in the new year....more