Top Boosting Sales Tips for Small Business Owners

When starting a business, all entrepreneurs think about sales as this is the part that brings in the cash. How to boost sales? Here is a question haunting many small business owners and, unfortunately, not all of them find the right answer and the most appropriate solution. Focus on what you do best! ...more

Build A Better Business Through Better Listening

Any amount of online research regarding a quality social media program will tell you that listening to your audience is a key factor in social media success....more

3 Ways to Create A Great Customer Experience Online

Would you ignore nearly two-thirds of your customers? Of course not!...more

How to Manage the Cycle of Ups and Downs in Your Business

When running a small business, you face many challenges. One of them is managing the lack of “success”; that feeling you get when you lose a client, you don’t get paid for your hard work or your competition is taking your market share. We have all been there! How we “handle” the outcome of any hardship is essential to build the stamina required to run a business long term. ...more

Why Hashtags Matter to Small Businesses

You see them everywhere: on the latest episode of The Voice, on the Ford commercial during the Superbowl, and they’re all over social media. But do they mean anything?...more

How to Transition from Entrepreneur to Mompreneur

As any mom will tell you, having a kid changes everything. After they’re born, your priorities, goals, and visions do a complete about-face. And that can be tricky if you run a business. After all, being an entrepreneur is one of those all-engrossing careers. You barely have time to breathe, let alone run your kids to soccer practice. But as someone who is raising two boys and running a business, I assure you it is possible. You just have to know how to transition properly. ...more