Throwdown at soccer: moms behaving badly

I missed the whole thing.I stayed home to make sure teenagers didn't have sex on my couch, while rather attractive husband took Boy to the soccer tournament 4 hours away where these extraordinary, highly-scouted 12 year old phenoms need to travel to find any competition worth playing....more


VIALast nights World Cup game was amazing.  The wo...more

The US Won and I'm Bummed (A Life Reflection)

I’ve had a soccer ball at my feet since I was four-years-old. Suffice it to say I am an avid fan and could not wait to watch the Women’s World Cup final tonight. What I didn’t expect was to be struck with an overwhelming feeling of melancholy in the moments that I wasn’t on the edge of my seat....more

3 Things My Family Learned from Watching the Women's World Cup Live

The scale of the stadium and the crowds of people decked out in the colors of their countries and the music pulsing and the Fanzone filled with face painting and bubble soccer and the smell of hot dogs and mini donuts and the shouts and applause as the players impress with their athleticism—this is the Women’s World Cup. Last Friday, my family went to Winnipeg for the Women's World Cup with our daughter's soccer team and their families. We saw five World Cup games and watched our girls play four games in a tournament hosted by the Winnipeg South End United Soccer Club. ...more

Teach Your Kids to Play Soccer

1. Grab a soccer ball and take them to the field. Teach them the basics. No hands, only feet, unless your the goalie then you can use hands and feet. Take the ball and kick it into that thing called a goal. ...more

Brazilian Potato and Bean Stew

World Cup fever is at its highest point right now with everyone looking forward to the finals this weekend…….even I cannot escape it!!!! Since I have not yet figured out the game yet, I use this as an opportunity to learn more about the countries playing the matches. It’s been interesting reading all about the sights, culture and most importantly food about the various countries. My bro in law, N, has been talking about this business trip he is going to take to Rio and that got me thinking about Brazilian food itself....more

5 Ways To Get Ready For The 2014 World Cup

Starting Today, The World Cup is Center Stage!There is no question that the World Cup is the largest sporting event around the world. It comes around every four years and though the 2014 World Cup has been plagued with controversies, the event is still estimated to break viewership records. Social media fever will most likely play role in the 2014 World Cup with social giant like Facebook creating an area called “Trending World Cup,” to help its 40% soccer fan base to keep up with scores, news and player information. Twitter and Instagram hashtags like #WorldCup, #Brazil2014, and even the new ‘Hashflags’ introduced will raise the awareness of this epic event.So, how do you jump into this crazy mess? Here’s your five must do’s!...more

The MINI Paceman GoalCooper is The Ultimate Car For The Ultimate Soccer Mom

The countdown is on in Brazil and soccer fans are gearing up for the biggest global sporting event of the year. Jerseys and flags are in huge demand but one question remains: what will be the car of choice for celebrating fans from mid June? MINI is sure to strike from outside the box with its homage to the beautiful game: the MINI Paceman GoalCooper....more

If only gatorade had self-confidence, not just sugar and electrolytes

While we were waiting for the second day of soccer camp to start, my eight-year old and I were watching some grown men finish up their soccer match. The goalie flung himself at shots coming full-bore towards his face, making one brilliant save after another. “I’ll never be that good,” Caleb said, doodling his own ball with his foot.  “I was the worst one yesterday.” I pointed out that the goalie was probably thirty and had been playing for a long time, but Caleb was unconvinced. ...more
My students are not 8, nor my blood. That said, when a student says that s/he is a bad writer, ...more

Dream Big - The US Women's National Soccer Team and My Daughters

The world we live in today is one unlike any other in history for little girls like mine.When we tell them that they can fly into outer space, that they can save lives, that they can run companies, that they can someday become President, we know that we are telling them the truth. They can dream big and know that those dreams are possible. ...more