Sports Parents - Are We The New Stage Mothers?

Georgia has been trying out for soccer teams.  She had placements for our town team last weekend and this past week, she tried out for a non-town travel team. Soccer try-outs are a very interesting study in human nature.  And by human nature, I mean parental nature.  For one thing, parents aren't allowed to get too close to the try-out action....more
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Julia just finished up the fall soccer season, one made especially interesting by the presence of The Husband as The Coach. At nearly 5, Julia was one of the oldest kids on her team of seven, the youngest players having just turned 3. Seven girls, with an average age of 4. One Coach, with the average patience of a 4 year old. He went to the coaches training and came home with pages of notes, a bag of balls, and an upset stomach. The night before the first practice, he tossed and turned in bed. ...more

For the Love of Soccer


The Honor of WatchingYour Children Grow up!

The day is barely started. It is only 7:30am. At the Bernalillo soccer complex, the day is well on its way for some kids. A few dozen kids are already deep in their warm-ups  for the first game of the first tournament of the fall season .  The game begins at 8am!...more

Nerds Play Sports, Too!

As I write this, my daughter is playing Wii baseball, while my son provides play-by-play from the couch.  I'm sitting beside him with my leg up, a tensor bandage wrapped around a Thera-Pearls ice pack, wrapped around my stupid defective knee.That's right.  We are ATHLETES, people!...more
It's so hard, I know! Danica has been asking about ballet, but after the soccer fiasco, I'm not ...more

Why I'm Not A Soccer Mom

Fall has both officially and seasonally arrived here in the North East, marked by crisp but sunny days and sweater-worthy nights. In my house fall also means outdoor weekend adventures, the occasional homemade soup and pajamas before 7 pm. For other parents in my town, however, fall is soccer season, a period of several months where their kids are bending it like Beckham three times a week, rain or shine....more
I tried t-ball with my daughter when she was about 5. She was great all through practice but ...more

Soccer Queen

Summer is winding down, fall is in the air, school has started…and the soccer season has commenced.I realize my popularity may wane when I admit that I hate soccer.  I don’t get it, I didn’t play it growing up, and I don’t understand what all the fuss is all about.  But, this doesn’t stop me from buying soccer shoes, cutting multi-colored, soccer inspired hair ribbons, and dragging my foldable lounge chair across a treeless field to watch Hunter play soccer....ContinueLanita Moss ...more

A Lesson in Karma and Sportsmanship

I try as hard as I can to teach my children to be kind to people.  To be nice to others, even if they don't particularly like them.  To demonstrate good sportsmanship.  I just wish that all the parents out there, and by extension, all the coaches, felt the same way.I wish that people wouldn't get these illusions in their heads that their child is going to be the next starting pitcher in the major leagues or play on an Olympic soccer team when they are 3 years ...more

Fabulous. Good for her. Now send some of that karma down to my son/hubby's team, ...more

I'm Okay with Being a Soccer Mom

Last year, we realized that if our ten-year-old was going to continue to play soccer, he would need the more focused, professional coaching that comes at the competitive club level as opposed to recreation leagues with parent coaches. In club leagues, you typically pay for a professional coach who teaches more than just the basic rules of the game and good sportsmanship - they teach individual skills, athletic conditioning, game strategy and team development. It’s a big commitment, both in money and time. ...more

I have three boys but only one who is old enough to play sports competitively at this point. The ...more

Why I Hope My Girls Will Play Sports

My husband and I hope to have a pair of kids down the road. If one or more turns out to be a girl, you can bet I’ll be looking to put them in soccer as soon as they turn four. I started playing soccer when I was four, shortly after my dance instructors told my parents I was better suited for something that allowed me to run wild. While I don’t really remember the few dance lessons I took, I do remember my first day of soccer, asking for the number one for my jersey and when that was taken, asking for four, since I was four years old. ...more

My parents put me in sports when I was young, and I agree that is was an incredible experience ...more