When Parents Encourage -- or Not (Sweetie)

Last Saturday, we drove to a different part of town for Sam's soccer game. Per the coach's instructions, we arrived a little early so the team could warm up beforehand. Apparently, they needed to work on important athletic skills like not screaming "Monkey nuts!" when the other team gets a goal. Or maybe it was passing, I'm not quite sure. ...more

We've had a at least one of our boys try baseball, basketball, football and soccer and there is ...more

My Monkey Artist

My Monkey wants to be an artist.  Inspired by her Grams, she has found something that brings her great joy.  To to be honest, she is pretty darn good at it.  The question now is where do we go from here?  Maybe an art class?...more

Girls Kick: Moving the Media's World Cup Goal Posts

by Ariel DoughertyFrom On The Issues MagazineThe World Cup coverage by ESPN (and ABC) washed over the U.S. this summer like a fever — a month long homage to the universal sport as played by men....more

When to Take the First Swing: Organized Youth Sports

Nota Bene: Mama's got a work deadline this week. So, after much negotiating, pleading and persuading, Dear Husband agreed to guest post for me this week. Maybe just today, maybe through Wednesday, but you just might see some Fatherly Advice on Friday....more

World Cup Widow

Italy's Azzurri Sing the Blues

For those of you who might be interested in how the 'World Champs' could have fallen so far, so fast, from grace, I proffer a roundup of the Mia Colpa circulating in the media and in the street:...more

Vuvuzelas Cause World Cup Buzz

It's been a busy first week of the FIFA World Cup. Host nation South Africa's team Bafana celebrated scoring the first goal of the month-long competition in what would end up a 1-1 tie against Mexico. The United States and England also tied 1-1 in a first matchup that ignited serious (if somewhat belated) post-colonial competition. And I'm guessing you've heard about the vuvuzelas. ...more

Vuvu's petals! Vuvu's petals!

I never said I was normal.


World Cup - Who are the real Hooligans?

As all of Europe (and parts of the U.S.) gears up for the World Cup games in South Africa, I came across a terrific editorial from the WSJ in which the writer bemoans the bad behaviour of footballers today....more