Stop being a Social Media Idiot

Leave personal details off your Facebook page.Does the whole world—or even your private circle, many of whom you haven’t seen in person for years, or even at all—have to know you’re laid up from hernia surgery (i.e., vulnerable, defenseless)?...more

5 Ways to Gain New Business Through Social Media

We all know that we are supposed to maximise our social media presence to generate new business, but how do we do it correctly? Here are five tips....more

Latest Content Marketing Trends

pureresiduals Great article! Especially liked microtargeting bit. My co did a CM 2017 post too. ...more

Hacking the CEO with Social Media

If the super big wigs could get their social media accounts hacked, you can too. If you can believe it, the Twitter accounts of the following were recently hacked:Google CEO Sundar PichaiYahoo CEO Marissa MayerOculus CEO Brendan IribeTwitter co-founder Jack DorseyShouldn’t these CEOs know how to prevent getting hacked? One little slip could let in the cybercriminals: reusing the same password....more

Influence and Power of Women in the Social Media

According to most researchers, women are said to use the social media less than men for business reasons do whereas most females are known to use the social media to share their personal information revealing more details concerning their lives compared to their male counterparts. Women are known to be more vocal, willing to share and expensive. In short, the women are biologically wired for social networking. It is also a fact that more women are using the social media than men. ...more

Reasons Why You Should Consider Taking Your Journey with Cancer to Social Media

 A cancer diagnosis is life changing and even when you are surrounded by a network of support from family and friends, you may struggle with loneliness and feeling as if no one really understands what you are going through. As a result, it may be tempting to isolate yourself from the outside world and try to face your challenges alone. While this is a natural reaction and part of the coping process, seeking support and accepting help from loved ones can help you get through the most difficult parts of your journey with cancer....more

How to Boost Your Business While Working with Social Media Influencers

Once upon a time, companies used film and TV actors to pitch their products in TV commercials and print ads. Today, these companies are leaning towards social media influencers, who have gained enough of a reputation to wield incredible influence among a certain demographic. This new type of celebrity is more accessible, as they’re very much present in various social media platforms. Fans can even enjoy live chat with social media influencers....more

Ways to Grow Your Social Media Presence and Prepare For 2017 Domination

You know about social media, but does your business make the most of this aspect of digital marketing? Are you seeing the best return on it you possibly can? If not, check out these tips on how to boost your signal....more