All hail the cult of the self!

In 2004, Facebook happened, and everyone suddenly became interesting. Around the world, lives were turned upside down with the revelation that anyone could have fans and earn kudos simply by posting a picture of their new haircut.Mankind fell head over heels in love with itself....more

Shy Girl Creates Facebook Page

I finally made a Facebook page for my blog. It’s about time. I’ve only been blogging since 2010. This is where you ask, “Well, what took you so long?” Well, I’ll tell you why — because I hate putting myself out there.  Oh, why do I blog if I’m such a chicken shit about these things?I dont KNOW. I just do. I’m an introvert and a fraidy cat. I tend to just cower in the corner and wait for people to notice me. Yeah, I know. But whatever....more

Increase Links by Getting a “Pin” on Pinterest

Mega search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing now have some competition from a surprising source—Pinterest. People are bypassing typical search engines and going straight to Pinterest for everything from fashion to recipes. Transit Systems created a Pinterest account in hopes of expanding our web presence—and we haven’t been disappointed! ...more

Seniors and Social Media

Last night, my brother sent me a message on Facebook saying he had no phone service, no way to get out an email, he's in the Dominican Republic, and our dad's factory's roof was on fire.  Call Mom now, call his wife now! How did he know? The daughter of one of my dad's retired employees posted on Facebook "Someone update me on the fire on Maple Avenue". So then ensued a fruitless and frantic hour of phone dialing, unanswered calls and fear.How do you assure your senior parents that social media is not a big hairy monster? ...more
No answers for you here.  I, though not a senior, have struggles with social media.  I don't ...more

When life strikes your business doesn't have to suffer

So we’re all human, stuff happens; kids get sick, family emergencies arise, business plans change. During tough times we have to take a look at our priorities, rearrange and make changs to ensure everything is taken care of....more

Dear Dayre

Dayre is both a social network and mobile app, I downloaded the app, and started my very own digital Dayre blog.View Post--Mrs. Akram Taghavi-Burris The mastermind behind Akram's Ideas   ...more


This is how you start over.  You let the ghosts from the past float over you so they aren't part of your present.  I wanted to write this on my Facebook page as a note, but something told me that it would come out as a woman ranting on her past.  Nobody would understand why I did what I did.  So I thought and thought.......more

How to Create a Watermark for Your Instagram Pictures Using Your Phone and FREE App

I've said before how I adore Instagram.  I absolutely LOVE the community and the beauty that inspires me there every day (probably 10x/day if I'm being realistic...)...more

"What message do we send about the roles of women?" -Anna Quindlen

***TRIGGER WARNING***I breastfed Boots (my little girl) until a few days before her third birthday. I breastfed Bubba (my little boy) until he was two and a half. Altogether, I spent over six years of my life either being pregnant, breastfeeding, or doing both simultaneously.At this point, several of you probably think that I'm insane. Others might consider that quite normal. Normal breastfeeding behavior is one of those things entirely dependent upon your culture....more