Instagram: You Get One Shot to Impress

Instagram is the the “it” social media platform for bloggers. However, we both know tomorrow it could be Periscope or another new kid on the block. Instagram gives you one shot to impress. Can you tell your story with one image?I sat down with event photographer Trisha Leeper and asked for tips. If you are not familiar with Trisha Leeper, she has photographed many A-List events and even had the pleasure of photographing Mark Zuckerberg.Six tips on capturing a story in one single image...more

Instagram For Small Business: 3 Post Ideas To Drive Engagement

When it comes to social media influencing the bottom line of your small business, content with great images is key. Many social platforms today are built around images, as opposed to text, like Instagram....more

Social Media Copywriting: 4 Tips For Top Engagement

We all know that what you say online is important. Those words last forever in the digital world. How do you know if your posts are making a difference, both for your customers and your small business?...more

The Self-ie Thing Is Going Too Far!

I’ll admit that back in the day, I used to take pictures of myself with my SLR camera. Arms stretched out front, big smile….then wait until the film got developed to see how much of my big head got cut off and how much background was or was not included....more

Woe is Interwebs

My parents live way the hell out in the country. Their internet is delivered via carrier pigeon. On a good day, there is a significant amount of lag time for a page to load, as if you had traveled in time back to 1995 AOL dialup. On a bad day, your computer is a fancy typewriter, sunshine.I just spent most of a week with my parents and every day was a bad internet day.I became a little nuts, as can be evinced by the following log of those bleak days: ...more

How many selfies could you take in one day?

When my son was born, my Mom asked me to take a picture of him every day. So I did. (Thanks, Mom!) Obviously, I took more than one picture of him most days, but I can say that I have a record of my son every day of the first year of his life - that's 365 photos of his daily changes from being a day old to being a year old. ...more

The GetKidsInternetSafe Sensible Parent’s Guide to

It was a no-brainer for me to include on the GKIS social media red light list....more
Thanks Amy. Targeting teens as consumers of a site with the cyberbully-destruction potential as ...more

Facebook is Fantasyland: 5 Tips to Manage Your Online Presence

Social media is everywhere. Whether it’s LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, social media sites are being used in a wide variety of ways. People build company brands, their own personal brands, communicate with family and friends, share interests or beliefs, champion causes and plan business or social events.  With such broad visibility and scope, it’s important to be aware of your online presence....more

Food Politics

Today I wanted to share about an event I attended today, it was a cake  and bake fair and it was interesting. The cake industry has exploded here in the uk and a lot of people have gotten interested in cake decorating and baking due to the high demand at the moment.As I got there you could see the bustle of the people the rushing around and also the excitement of the people as they looked at the different cakes on display ..and the stands what they had to offer concerning products and cakes.. ...more