The CMO’s guide to zeroing in on the most kickass social media service

Social media marketing is one of the hottest new ways of online marketing – it is effective because it has a wide reach all over the whole world, connecting a huge number of people. To use this powerful advertising tool, you may need a professional social media marketing agency, since you may not know the tricks of making it click....more

How To Avoid Social Media Post Regret

Social media can be a scary place for many small business owners who don’t want to say the wrong thing. As many as 57% of Americans post something online that they regret. And that’s just in one week....more

Facebook Got Us Through My Mother's Illness

Sometimes social media gets a bad rap. Sure, virtual gathering places can result in unnecessary drama and rants. But for me, social media – Facebook in particular - has been an instrument of support and friendship at a time when I needed it most. ...more

Ladies: A Gentle Reminder That You Do NOT Owe Anyone A Reason for Not Wanting to Engage with Them

Bye Felipe.   Straight White Boys Texting.  Tinder Nightmares.  OK Stupid.  Hey Sup Girl.  ...more

Social Media: 5 Steps For Creating A Community

Social media is a huge asset to your small business marketing efforts, and you know you need to be a part of it....more

Social Media Site To Watch: Facebook IQ

Have you ever thought about the sheer amount of data that Facebook users produce and consume each day? When posts “go viral”, ever wonder just how many people have seen them?...more

The Social Castration of Black Men

I cannot tell you how tired I am of seeing videos, memes and pictures of black men dressed as or imitating black women. I don’t want to see another brother giving a makeup tutorial; I don’t care how good he contours.  And I don’t want to see another black man carrying a purse or twerking with 4 bundles of 24" brazilian hair draping down his back. It aint cute. But it is embarrassing and it hurts. You won’t catch me liking, sharing or even commenting on anything that displays black men imitating black women. I’m not about that life....more
I do too! I love the fact that he understood and protected his masculinity.more

Think Before You Make Personal Attacks on the Internet

No one wants to be the raving lunatic because no one listens to crazy. Sure, you can verbally spar with some nimrod that's either baiting you into it or completely oblivious, but where's the point in that? After it's over, all you'll have left is a record of how easily you can lose your cool available online. ...more

Three Ways To Use Social Media To Boost Sales

With a small budget, a small staff, and not enough hours in a day, it can be hard to see the value of social media for your small business....more