3 Reasons Why Twitter Is My New Obsession

Are you a Twitter lover?  I had a Twitter account for several years  but never used it.  What was the point?  I didn't think the world needed to know what I ate for breakfast.  Yes, Twitter could be used for over sharing,  but it is far more valuable than that. Twitter is great source of real news and useful information.  ...more

Social Media Advertising For Small Business – Part 4 – Twitter

Welcome to the fourth installment of our advertising series! We’ve reviewed Facebook and LinkedIn so far, and today shift our focus to Twitter. How can 140 characters move the needle on your small business bottom line? We’re here to show you....more

Social Media Advertising For Small Business – Part 3 – LinkedIn

The third installment of our advertising series is centered on a business-minded platform: LinkedIn....more

Who Are We Online?

 The rise of social media connected everyone to everyone. It disregards age, social status and educational attainment. I am not against it and I have no discrimination against anyone. But people should learn how to use such powerful tool correctly....more

Beyond a Pretty Face: Social Media Superstar Kendall Jenner

The Hollywood ‘It’ girl is more than a pretty face and a popular family name. ...more
The Kardashians are nothing more than anyone else, flesh and blood. They will grow old and ugly ...more

Before you upload that picture...

Let's start with privacy basics: The bathroom door. After several years of repeated discussions, my son has finally learned to knock on the closed bathroom door. About 60% of the time he also waits for acknowledgement before trying to come in. It is (in my head) a parenting triumph. ...more

Everything You Need to Know About Tumblr

If you're like me, you probably have tried most of the social media sites out there. Tumblr, owned by Yahoo!, began in 2007. While it's been around, its popularity has definitely exploded in the last few years. The simplest way I can describe Tumblr is to call it a visual social blogging platform. You can create a blog and fill it with text posts, photos, videos and even audio files. And you can share (reblog) or like posts you find interesting. ...more
Thank you for the information, I need to expand my social media outreach beyond facebook, ...more

Bella Thorne: More Than Just Another Teen Star

When asked by a fan, Bella Thorne described herself as "honest, open, awkward," but everyone knows that she's so much more than that. Aside from being known for her acting chops in Disney's "Shake It Up!" as well as the movie, "Blended," this popular teen star is also a certified singer, having released her EP, "Jersey," in 2014. But her achievements don't stop there, as Bella is also the author of "Autumn Falls," her debut novel and the first of three in a young adult book series....more

Social Media Advertising For Small Business, Part 2 – Facebook

When considering adding advertising to your social media efforts, there are a lot of details to consider. In the second installment of our advertising series, we focus on the important parts of a heavy hitter in online advertising: Facebook....more