Count On It!

Suddenly it’s all about counting. Everything! In every area of life! How many? How far? How much? But if we didn’t quantify it, how could we know exactly how much success we were having? And that’s the most important thing, right? And the numbers don’t lie…unless we help them out just a bit.How many steps in a day?Just the ones the device actually counted? Or all of them?...more

Weekly Marketing Skinny • October 3, 2016

A lot has happened in the marketing industry in the past week or two. The kind of things your business can definitely benefit from... IF you know about them.That's why it's good to have good friends. Like me. :)I read all the marketing news of the week and give you the Skinny - Weekly Marketing Skinny, that is....more

Risks of Twitter Advertising

From Classic opinions column of Social Media Marketing - Going Social Now, Provided by SEO Omaha ...more

On Social Media

I love social media. I love creating content. I love the unwritten rules that you only pick up on when you’ve been around a while....more

4 Easy tips to Stop Multi-Tasking Today!

Multi-tasking is fabulous, isn't it? It allows you to do so many things at once, gives you a sense of achievement and thrill at the end of the day.Let's deconstruct. At this very moment, while you are reading this, how many tabs do you have open on your laptop/mobile device? Three or five minimum, I'm guessing....more

Our Social Media Lives

This past weekend I decided to stay home, relax and catch up on all the shows I’ve missed. Of course, I didn’t plan to check my social media accounts, but who makes time for that? Social media will unconsciously grab your cell phone, put it on your hand and make you start scrolling....more

Social Media Hacks Make Your Life Easier

I love social media. It was literally designed for someone like me: a creative type who enjoys sharing, storytelling and expressing themselves. But as the years have gone by, we're only getting more apps, more sites, and more tools to do all of that stuff and well... it's overwhelming. How can one keep up? ...more
I really should use Twitter lists more often. It makes finding the people I want to follow so ...more