I Facebook Unfriend Even My Fantasy Crushes To Keep My Space BS Free...

So there was this guy... kinda had a crush on him for what felt like forever... and he seemed to fancy me right back. We've had a few really fun conversations on the phone, but he opted to TEXTING the majority of the time (yup, even our "deeper" convos - RED FLAG). He would say (via text, of course) the most perfect words to make me smile... but didn't really follow through on anything. (RED FLAG) ...more

Go Blog Social 2014 – Recap

A few weekends ago I attended the Go Blog Social 2014 event, here is my full recap.View Post...more

Why Instagram Won't Be the Next Facebook

Complaints about Facebook are definitely constant these days. From the complexity of privacy settings to the constant manipulating of the news feed, Facebook does not seem to be making many friends in the social media world. In fact, Facebook seems to be losing their corner of the market with young users and its growth in all demographics has slowed. Instagram, however, is on the rise. With Instagram being owned by Facebook, I had initial fears that the newer photo-based social platform would follow in the direction that the Facebook monster has moved. Would Instagram just become another Facebook, with an algorithm-based news feed control and sometimes excessive ad placement? ...more
KathyBoutin  I hope you love it! I love the visual appeal of it, and it is much easier and ...more

Writings In Social Media: Gender Stereotypes All Women Hate

I love Facebook. Yes, I really love it.I know what Twitter is. And I even have a Google+ profile, as I need it for my work. I can't call myself a very passionate social media fan, who spends hours online, posting and liking everything, or sharing photos and links with other users. I am a kind of “passive” users, who like observing everything that happens online and sharing the most interesting content from time to time. And I am a woman....more

How to Choose the Facebook Posts You Want to See

Every day I read Facebook posts complaining that they are not seeing posts from the pages they follow and that their own reach is about 1%. There is definately a way to see more of the posts from your favorite bloggers and if we spread the word, your readers will be seeing more of your posts too!  Here is how you can make this happen! http://www.onetipsychick.com/2014/04/facebook-how-to-choose-posts-you-wa......more

4 Ways I Tamed the Facebook Monster

Recently, my friend Annaliese wrote a blog post about breaking up with Facebook. When I read it, I felt a little twinge of jealousy. Ah, to be free of the social media demon. I longed for her new found time for reading and simply soaking up life. I fantasized for a moment about deleting my Facebook account and never looking back. Then I remembered, there are a few things I still like about Facebook. ...more
frufrugal  I completely relate to that feeling of envy! And completely agree - the fact that ...more

Key Q&A to Understanding Klout

Recently I wrote an article about using Klout score as a guide to screen bloggers and brand ambassadors. As a result our readers had many unanswered questions. I have asked Social Media Specialist and Klout evangelist Miriam Slozberg to help me answer these questions and to clarify some of your concerns about Klout. Here goes:...more

Get Social Media to find Better Jobs and Improve Business For You

The social media platform is no longer meant for exchanging pleasantries with friends and family. It has evolved as an important media where one has access to the latest job opportunities, and a great way to promote your business. One could not have imagined such a scenario even a decade ago. Today businesses have Facebook and Twitter profiles, and even Instagram feeds that help them expand their businesses phenomenally....more

You're Doing It Wrong: Your workout routine does not merit a Twitter update

Everybody's a marathon runner these days. It seems that as we all get further away from our college days, many people double down on their fitness efforts. CrossFit is a huge, seemingly masochistic craze; I can't go a day without a daily deal email offering me personal training; and black leggings and bright colored sweatshirts are clearly the new powersuit....more
Karen Ballum  I also care about my friends' training updates, to a certain extent. But I also ...more