Stream of Consciousness: iPhone-Less for the Weekend..

 The ocean claimed my phone on Saturday morning. Maybe 12 hours into the vacation that I had waited all summer to document.It was working one minute, packed away in rice the next.  I was frantic, desperate, weepy, furious, resigned, panicked and unsure of exactly what to do....more

Weekly Marketing Skinny ♨ August 30, 2016

This Weekly Marketing Skinny was originally published at TrafficGenerationCafe.comIn the marketing spotlight in the past week:...more

Don't Look at Someone Else's Plate

“Don’t look at someone else’s plate” is either a known Russian saying or else it’s particular to my mother. Usually, she said this during dinner when I made inappropriate commentary about how someone eats something. My six-year-old daughter learned a similar phrase in preschool: “don’t yuck my yum.” ...more

Five Ways to Disconnect From an Overly Connected Society

These days, our lives are centered around our phones & computers. As an overly connected society, we are constantly on social media, responding to emails, checking the news, doing research, etc. I am a huge social media buff – I’m on it all day for work and with three blogs and an Etsy shop, I’m constantly connected to my laptop and iPhone at home. ...more

Does Social Media Improve Creativity?

Social media tends to receive a lot of negative publicity. It's not surprising that many artists and creators seem to think that Facebook, Twitter and the like are the new antagonists, threatening to ruin creativity. The root of the fear seems to be anything from the distracting aspect of social media to the fact that it's lowering audience attention spans. Could it be, however, that we're merely clinging too tightly to the past and refusing to see the benefits that social media brings to the creative world? ...more


First things first, there are no strict rules in social media marketing. Having said so, remember that you have to play within limits. Just in case you are getting confused and are totally lost when it comes to social media strategies, remember that the only rule that you need to abide by is innovation. Planning a new marketing strategy for your business can be tough. Time-crunch and limited funds are constraints that can soak-up all your time and effort. When that is the situation you can turn to social media for help....more

Social Media Marketing: Do You Have a Backup Plan?

Every important plan has to have a contingency plan. So is the case with social media marketing plans as well. Social Media Marketing for business can no longer be taken causally; it is significant to your business. As corporate use of social media increases, companies realize that social media marketing is not an activity, it is a full-fledged operation. Hence, there has to be at least one social media marketing employee in every company engaged in social media or brand management....more

What’s in a Name on Social?


How to Use Content Samurai to Go Blog-to-Video

You no longer have a choice whether or not to deliver your content through video.Video is now the primary way people want to learn, shop, and interact online.According to a report from Cisco, by 2020, over 82% of ALL web traffic will come from video....more