FOMO: Are You a Victim of the Latest Epidemic?

There’s an epidemic sweeping the nation.  It’s affecting young people everywhere, and side effects include: going out to parties and social gatherings even when you aren’t up for it, frantically and obsessively scrolling though social media channels to see what your peers are up to, and/or not being able to say ‘no’ to any invitation for a night (or, I guess day) out of any kind. What is this reason behind all of this madness?  FOMO....more

5 Ways to Look Like a Pro on Twitter

Twitter: we might know what it is, or have an account, but do we really know how to use it? Twitter is not just for companies or brands. As a young adult, your social media presence represents your own personal branding, and so it’s important to learn how to use this platform to promote yourself in the best way possible! Here are five ways to look like a pro on Twitter:...more

Confessions of a #Hashtag Addict #ILuvMeSomeHashtags - PegCityLovely

Before I get to confessing, there may be some of you who do not know what a hashtag is yet or would like a formal definition. Per the Oxford Dictionary, a #hashtag is:...more

Create Fabulous Pinterest Board Covers with Canva!

Want to Make Your Pinterest Boards Shine?...more

DON'T GET LOST BEHIND YOUR PROFILE PHOTO........Social media and our Photos.....

I got to thinking today about how so very many of us are on Social Media.....which overall is a very good thing....Social Media has enabled us to connect with amazing people we would never have been able to connect with otherwise.....So yes, Social Media overall can be a very good thing.....What amazes me though is that so many people do not use social media to truly embrace the person they are.....instead they use it to cover up who they are........more

Social Media Makes Me More Creative and Less Productive

I'll admit it; the more I use social media the less productive I seem to get.  At the same time, the more I use social media, the deeper I think, the more creative I get, and the more connected I feel.  So... sort of a catch-22.  Social media both detracts and enhances my life. I work from home, on a computer, so it is too easy to keep checking email, glancing at Facebook, and peeking at my Twitter stream.  I used to spend those moments when I was trying to figure out a plot line in a book lying quietly on the sofa, thinking.  Now I am much more likely to skim some status updates while I try to work out the literary situation in my mind. ...more
This is very interesting, thank you for sharing it with us.  I agree, social media can stimulate ...more

How Social Media Can Have A Weird Effect On Your Brain (INFOGRAPHIC)

Nowadays, almost everybody is on internet and especially on social media. But did you ever think about the fact that using those social media platforms can influence the way your brain is wired? Nowadays, people are walking around with their heads glued to their smartphone screen and they communicate with their friends through Facebook or Twitter. That's why it's not really surprising that we question ourselves about this....more

Let's Get Social

It sure has been awhile since I posted last. You may have wondered where the heck I went. Well besides enjoying my summer, I've been brushing up on my Javascript, jQuery skills and learning a bunch of other computer nerdy languages. No seriously! See what happens when I can't get outside to run....more