My Most Used Social Media Sites

 Today on my blog, I'm sharing my favorite social media sites and how I use them to promote my various blogposts and YouTube videos! This will be helpful for any blogger/YouTuber.Check it out here!...more

Writing: Adventures of a social media illiterate technophobe.

In a fit of spasmodic enthusiasm I joined a variety of social media stuff I have not an inkling about. I’m convincing myself I can be social media savvy and cool as the hipster 20 somethings who wear plaid skinny pants and large amounts of multicolored medical gauze wrapped around their necks, forever engrossed in their expensive tablet-phone-camera gadget thingy.Okay maybe I don’t wanna look like that....more

Tips for Having Fun on Twitter

There’s no doubt about it.Twitter is my favorite social media platform.To me, Twitter is easy. There are no images to deal with. No waiting around for likes or shares. No figuring out what the heck I’m supposed to be +1’ing or hanging out with on Google+.Twitter is just me and some words. Some brief words....more
I completely agree about following celebrities! I've been retweeted by Frankie J, had a ...more

Pin This! Statistics Small Businesses Can Use To Engage On Pinterest

When choosing where to focus efforts in social media, the number of options can be overwhelming. Social media networks are a fantastic way to spread the word about your small business....more

5 Things to Do Before You Share on Social Media

We all may not agree on much in this world, but I'm sure we can pretty much agree on this: EVERYTHING IS TERRIBLE. Literally, everything. Has this not been one of the worst years in recent memory for violence, death, terrorism, and just overall shittiness? As a result, we're all going on the Internet to share our opinions on all the horrible things. People from different backgrounds and with different beliefs are taking to social media to essentially participate in the broader conversations and speak their mind about everything that's going on. And that's fine. With exceptions. ...more
JeanWebSmart you're so right -- good point!  It's so irresponsible to share something without ...more

Do You Admit That You Have a Blog?

I'm a social person. I can easily speak to total strangers, and in class I ALWAYS have a question. However, one topic seldom comes up in real life: my blog. I'll share things on Facebook, where I have friends both from school and from the blogosphere, but other than that it's almost a don't ask, don't tell type of thing. I don't like to mix my online and offline worlds. And I become uncomfortable when other people mix them for me. ...more
I'm happy to mention my blogging and online content offline, but I have quite strict rules on ...more

How Can I Really Listen To My Customers On Facebook?

One of the added complexities of the social media strategy for your small business is that your content and your activity needs to be more than just broadcasting out your marketing messages....more

Social Media Audit – 3 Tips to Strategically Prep for 2015

This is a busy time of year, for both in business and in our personal lives. It may feel like an easy time to let up on your social media efforts, but that could end up biting you in the new year....more

5 Tips for Successful Holiday Messaging

Holiday season is here, and your customers are spending more time online than ever before. If ever there was a case for truly knowing your audience, the holidays are it. You want your brand to stay top of mind, while still being culturally sensitive....more