Funny Stuff: Best Practices For Using Humor In Social Media

Social media is supposed to be a conversation, an engaging interaction online. Some experts say you should pretend that the people online are all standing with you at a cocktail party and that you should interact with them as such....more

Please Step Away from the Keyboard Before You Post Garbage on Facebook

It has been a difficult month to be an active online participant. There has been so much hate spewed by so many about so much, that I have honestly begun to question whether or not this great social media experiment that billions of us have signed on for is actually worth it. I am all for the free exchange of opinions and ideas, but I have reservations when that careful, cool, and considered debate turns into something darker and more sinister. It isn't just on social media sites. Check out the comments section of any newspaper, magazine, or blog and you will find a litany of venom spewing from all sides of a dispute. And this crap is just the stuff that has made it through the moderators. Imagine what gets filtered? ...more
bulletproofbra FeministaJones I agree. For valid reasons I have a pseud. I don't need keyboard ...more

I'm Boring on Twitter... (And Other Things I've Learned On the Line)

Note: this piece was originally featured on my blog, Tales From The Motherland...more
DawnQLandau Great article Dawn. It's true that Twitter has a big learning curve.more

Sometimes We Have to Talk About the Hard Things on Social Media

I've seen it a lot lately. Statements from Facebook friends and Twitter friends about how the world is too divisive and too many negative things are posted. So from now on, they are only going to post happy, uplifting, fun things. I get it. Oh boy, do I get it. There is a lot of heartbreak and sadness in this world. But sometimes, not all the times, but sometimes, don't we need to talk about that bad parts of this world? Don't we need to speak up about things that might seem unspeakable in order to affect change? ...more
Arrow252525 BlogHer I think so too! Thanks for reading!more

4 Reasons Why Social Media Being "Fake" Doesn't Bother Me

I know that aevery single person uses social media for different reasons. I understand that our motives for posting certain things and leaving out others are all over the board ranging from wanting to feel accepted to a deep rooted craving for attention. ...more
I did. LOL. Also, oy. I fixed it. Thank you. OY.more

Digital Marketing Vs. Traditional Marketing – Newsflash, It’s ALL Marketing

As the pace of technology - and business - races forward, it’s easy to think that sticking to tried and true marketing tactics is the way to go....more

Is Your Public Life Fair Game? NaBloPoMo, Day 10

"Is Your Public Life Fair Game?"I remember the old standard that if you were going to break up with someone, you should do it in a public place so that they wouldn't make a scene.  If they do, however, does someone else have the right to film it and publish it?  Kinda like this article I saw earlier today... ...more

Live in the Moment


LinkedIn targeted by Scammers

LinkedIn is a free service that allows professional people to network with each other. Often, a LinkedIn member will receive an e-mail from another LinkedIn member “inviting” them to join their network. Sometimes, the inviter is someone the recipient doesn’t know, but the recipient will link up anyways. And that’s the problem....more
Here's the dirty little secret. LinkedIn has NO PROBLEM with scammers because there are millions ...more