I took a vacation from social media


5 Reasons to Keep Your Relationship OFF of Social Media

 We all know her. She’s always on Facebook updating her status about ever intimate detail of her life. The highs the lows, and without pause, she leaves no stone in her life unturned....more

If you're not pregnant on social media, are you really pregnant?

I am a chronic over-sharer. I confess. I am an over-sharer in real life so the progression to over-sharing on every possible social media outlet was quick and painless. As a teacher, I rationalized my early-adopter ways by saying it was “for my job” – you know, so I could stay connected to my hip, young students....more

Twice as Ice : Why I Love the Ice Bucket Challenge

First of all, it’s silly. And second, it’s silly. And third, it made you look. Silly....more

Facebook and Tomato Sandwiches

I invited myself to lunch yesterday with a couple of dear friends.It started when one of the girls posted a picture on social media of her gloriously ripening backyard tomatoes and the rest just took care of itself. It seems that we all have a fondness for fresh tomato sandwiches on challah, made with just a hint of mayonnaise, basil, and some wonderful cheese. (Lactose free, of course.) My mouth is still in saliva overdrive....more
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OMG! Read This!

I got you to open this blog post right? Mission Accomplished ! Okay while I have your attention I am going to be very, very bad and admit I did that title on purpose because I want you to read other bloggers. No, really there are people who do this whole blogging thing WAY better than I do and they will tell you how to blog better. ...more

4 Ways To Build Your Brand On Google Plus & Engage Your Customers

Google+ continues to gain market share in the world of social media and is firmly the second largest service in terms of registered users....more

8 Ways to bullet proof your Social Accounts

There are ways to keep the hackers at bay—for the most part, anyways, since no protection is 100 percent efficient.#1 Password protect....more

How to Build a Community Using Twitter

When I first started blogging, social media didn't even factor into my plan.  They seemed like two completely different subjects, and the latter was one I had no interest in.  And the most ridiculous, at least in my opinion, was Twitter.  In fact, my friend and I who co-wrote my first blog regularly made fun of it - "I'm getting in the shower, I'm drying off, I'm brushing my teeth..." we'd joke with one another.  Little did I know that in a few years, Twitter would be my favorite social media site, and the number-one traffic source for my blog. ...more
Thank you for this - my Twitter is very lob-sided, tons of people I want to follow and a mix of ...more

Friday Favorites

 // Yesterday was Harry Potter's birthday, and ...more