How to Organize Pinterest Boards

I reached a point of having so many pins and not enough boards and I could never, and I mean never, find what I was looking for on my own boards. And since I really try to use Pinterest, at least a fair amount of the time, to collect ideas for recipes I will actually cook, crafts I will actually create, and DIY projects I will actually do, I needed a better system. ...more
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Privacy issues - offline and online

As my son grows older, we have lots of reasons to celebrate: His growing sense of responsibility, the way he is able to write and almost read, and the way he is gaining control over his emotional and physical being....more

Why I Think Twitter Is Better Than Facebook

When I began blogging five years ago, I went full force with the blog reading and commenting. I had a Facebook fan page and a Twitter handle, but there really wasn't enough time to build a following everywhere. I focused on the just the blog. Also I am not a very social person, so my involvement in social media is ironic at best. ...more

Why am I doing this anyway

Everything I have read about promoting your you tube channel says the most important things are to upload videos on a regular schedule and comment on other people's videos. I upload videos regularly, two times a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays, but the commenting I am not as good at.  But, getting subscribers and views had been slow, slow, slow to almost non-existant. I was going to give it my ALL.  I started watching lots of videos and commenting.  Then I realized, I was not having fun.  I felt like I was trying to be in a world where I really didn't fit....more

First Time Twitter Users Beware These Tweeting Blunders!

If you’re new to the world of entrepreneurship, or you’re an old business wanting to learn some new tricks, getting a handle on all things social media should be on the top of your priority list. I don’t need to tell you that social media is the best free marketing option available to you and your business, but I do need to tell you what not to do when it comes to Twitter....more

7 Small Business Social Media Risks

Many executives are concerned about social media related risks (e.g., data security and ID theft), but far fewer actually have any social media training.A recent survey of executives puts the concerns into four categories: disclosure of confidential information; damaged brand reputation; ID theft; and legal and compliance violations....more

Underage socializing

I know several parents who have secured social media accounts in their children's names, intending them to be gifts once their children reach the appropriate age....more

Melanie's Stuff on RebelMouse This Week

Although, I realize that I do not really know how use social media effectively, I nevertheless post on anything and everything. However I try not to become a nuisance, so I publish one post a week on my blogs which features  a choice from four sources- RebelMouse, Newsle, or Twylah. This week on mother of nine9 , I present articles from  around the web which were published last week  and posted on RebelMouse

Let's Go Viral!

Are you viral? You know, not in a meningeal way. I mean, how's your content, your life? Is it compelling enough to blaze the fiber optic trails and onto the eyes of your adoring friends and family? Does it stand up to the finicky eye of the Internet? Do your kids sing just off- (or on-) key enough to capture the hearts of unsuspecting strangers? Are these questions ever ones you imagined asking yourself? Well, you've been caught in the algorithm, folks, and now it matters. ...more

We're Thinking About Social Media All Wrong

As bloggers, we live for traffic and comments. We hope our content goes viral. We slave over our words and hope that the following we've amassed on social media will be enough to spread it across the web.Most of us think of our blog as the cog in the center of the wheel. Our social media profiles all lead to it. "All roads lead to Rome right?"Wrong....more