5 Things I Learned from American Girls…the scariest book since Cujo

I don’t have daughters, but I still picked up a copy of American Girls: Social Media and the Secret Lives of Teenagers by Nancy Jo Sales. I didn’t expect it to keep me up at night. Here’s why it did:...more

Writing Online When Your Family Opposes It

I lived the career version of Sex and the City, jumping from one rebound job to another in search of the “right one.” For 15 years I refused to truthfully answer the question: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Image: Seth Sawyers via Flickr...more
Me too.  Me too.more

I Refuse to Apologize for Being Social Media Obsessed

Recently I was asked for a baby photo of myself. It took me two weeks to find one. Two weeks! My mother had taken the time many years ago to sort her five children's photos into collections for each of us to have. I think she quickly realized that my baby sister Liv, who is 15 years younger than me, ultimately, had the largest collection of us all, both in quantity and quality of the photos. I, on the other hand, maybe had five to ten hard copy photos from my first year, and I was her first child! I take that many pictures of my daughter, per day! ...more
RockstarVanity - Yes! All the time. Then I cry when I see past memories. More on the blog ...more


People nowadays use their phones on a daily basis. People who travel a lot make their phones accessible to what they need to do especially their work or businesses. Most individuals have apps they cannot live without. Here are some of Dr. Aikyna’s favorites:DROPBOX / DROPVOX...more

The Lost Art of a Two-Way Conversation

Did you ever try to talk with people who ask your advice, only to have them talk over you and negate every thought or tidbit you shared, or worse argue that what you are saying won’t work -  even if you are just chatting? Because hey you were sharing your thoughts per their request. I hate it when that happens. And listen, it’s not that I care if you take my advice or not - although I do care about you - it’s your need to shoot it down instead of just conversing. Graciousness is a good trait. ...more

Parents: Do You know your Teen's Social Media Platforms?

With all the apps out there that individualize communication preferences among teens, such as limiting “sharing,” parents should still hold their breath. Face it, parents: times have changed. It’s your duty to discuss these applications with your kids. And parents should also familiarize themselves with the so-called temporary apps....more

Who Writes Our Life Story? Us or Life Itself?

I jump on and off Facebook throughout the day to “check in.” On what, I’m never sure. I guess it’s to see what’s going on in the world and with people I know. It’s a way to keep up with all the stories. Life is really nothing more than a story. We all have a life story, and how that gets told isn’t always up to us. ...more

Why You Should Jump on the Snapchat Train

I was teaching high school children when I first heard about Snapchat. They showed me how to use it. They were obsessed with "snapping" pictures to one another with funny captions and graphics. Those photos would then disappear within a couple of seconds, never to be seen again. If you were to screenshot the photo, the person would know. ...more
diaryinparadise  I am still learning, but it is fun to play around with. I see some celebs snap ...more

Why We Blog

I’m writing every day. Yay. Good job. Celebrating my little victories, ceremonial pat on the back at 100 days; 265 to go. What’s 28% of anything? I’m a marathon runner on mile 7.4 of 26.2. In the back of my head I’m thinking, OK so I’m gaining some expertise; I’m flexing my muscles daily but where am I getting. If I’m just doing the training every day, does my main event start next year when the project is done? How do I focus on TODAY without the weight of tomorrow, of the finish line, of what’s next? I’m not even halfway done. ...more