Why the unfriend button has become very friendly.

Now I have to admit, I am a bit of a social media addict, I go through phases with the different platforms and some I avoid entirely. At the moment Instagram is my obsession. I love a good selfie and i've noticed particularly  in the UAE it seems to be a more a popular and responsive platform then Facebook.....though for anyone living in the ME region please let me know in the comments if you disagree.But enough about my Instagram love, there is a very simple reason I not as hot on Facebook anymore as I once was:...more

Cyber Bullying

This morning at around 2am I got a text from a friend.  Not a close friend, someone I met at work and got to know briefly, but enough to where we found we enjoyed each other’s company.  The text said “You seem to have a lot of wisdom…how do I get people to stop cyber and real life bullying me?”...more

I Don't Even Like Myself

In the old days, recovery was simple. Not easy, but simple: hit rock bottom and join a twelve-step group.In the 1980s, private residential treatment facilities exploded onto the scene and with them came options: in-patient treatment, outpatient programs and prescription-assisted detox. Hit rock bottom, go to rehab, stabilize, join a twelve-step group as after-care....more

Social Media and Friends

With more social media outlets than I care to keep up with technology has made it easier than ever to stay connected with friends, family and significant others. We can follow, friend, like and poke until our hearts content but what happens when we are no longer friendly with someone? When we decide they are no longer worth our time in the virtual world or the real world. How seriously do people actually take social media relationships?...more

Build A Better Business Through Better Listening

Any amount of online research regarding a quality social media program will tell you that listening to your audience is a key factor in social media success....more

10 Creative Ways to Use Social Media for Your Business

Social media sites offer a way for people to communicate online and interact with their favorite businesses. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are among the most popular and most visited on the Web, and many of their users check their accounts every day. Here are 10 ways you can use social media to better connect with your fans and boost your business. ...more
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New Rules for Your Facebook Pages

You Can't Make Me Like YouThe only thing that doesn’t change about Facebook is that at least twice a year, they push through some pretty significant changes. Whether those changes affect the public user or the business user is usually the only surprise....more

November 1st - AKA OMG What Happened to 2014??

It's National Blog Posting Month!!It's November 1st. Most of us are sitting here in a sugar-crashed coma from either too much candy or too much booze from last night's festivities of Halloween....more
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Calling All Bloggers: Join the Absolute Mayhem Brigade

It’s time to get serious, and I need your help.Last week I received my first proof of my upcoming children’s book, Absolute Mayhem. And while there are still a few minor changes that need to be made, I’m a little giddy when I tell you it looks AWESOME! Like, it’s a real book and everything. So that means it will be ready for the masses so soon that it’s not even funny....more

3 Ways to Create A Great Customer Experience Online

Would you ignore nearly two-thirds of your customers? Of course not!...more