How Will Instagram’s New Algorithm Affect You?

Social networks like Facebook and Twitter have changed the way their social feeds operate. It was only a matter of time before Instagram jumped on the gravy train. With over 400 million strong, Instagram's community is growing by the day. ...more
clivechip  I couldn't agree more! That is what I love most about the app - I love to scroll ...more

5 Reasons to Promote Your Event on Social Media

Whether you are hosting a 5K walk or a cocktail reception fundraiser, it is important to market your event for added exposure. Marketing can be costly, but if you have enough manpower, you can share the details of your event and garner new participants for next to nothing via social media. Here are five reasons to promote your event via social media. ...more
bethworthygmr Exactly!!! We tend to share the postcards a couple of months prior to the race, ...more

Weekly Marketing Skinny • March 12, 2016

Don't you wish keeping up with marketing news wasn't as tedious as reading through dozens of post each day trying to figure out what your business really needs to know about?...Good thing you've got me to do it!Bad news?... now you don't have an excuse to NOT read this Weekly Marketing Skinny where I packaged all the hot marketing news of the week in a 2-min read....more

The Struggle is Real: Producing Vs. Promotion

Writing a blog has become an amazingly fulfilling creative outlet for me, though at times I find it hard to budget my time correctly as the ‘one-woman show’ of Infinite11s.  Since I have started the site, I find my time split into two distinct categories: (1) producing new content, and (2) blog promotion.  Finding the balance between the two has become somewhat of a unique challenge for me.  I would love to spend all of my time writing new content, but if I do only that, I miss out on the opportunity for an audience for my work.  On the flip side, when I spend more time ...more

#Confused: I Don't Really Get Hashtags

We live in a #hashtag #world that makes it #easy to become #overwhelmed #reading #socialmedia posts with everything #hashtagged. #Wow. I am pretty sure I'm doing something wrong to not hashtag everything I write. Anybody else feel this way? I remember when it all started. I thought my hipster son was just using one of his idioms to be cool. Little did I know that he was on the cutting edge of existence as we live it today. ...more
Thank you for sharing that article, I appreciate it! Hopefully it won't change before we get the ...more

Three Reasons To Consider Podcasting For Your Small Business

Your small business marketing plan is all about getting the word out, attracting new customers and keeping the current ones, right?...more

5 Facebook Status Updates That Need to Stop

We all complain about Facebook – from privacy issues to the new reaction buttons to strange-acting news feeds. But there are a few other things I see all the time on Facebook that bother me even more. Image: Karlas Dambrans via Flickr via Creative Commons license Chain Letters ...more
You can spend hours and hours going through your daily Facebook feed if you aren't careful. Weed ...more

How We Built Our Pet Business Using Social Media

You may wonder what a dog walker knows about social media. It's part of a previous life, but this background has proved very useful in our business's growth. Social media is often hailed as the most important aspect of the marketing mix. In many instances, it is considered so important that it has a strategy of its very own. Although it is an important tool and one we have used to build our business, the most important point is that you need to use it properly. ...more
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