How Will Self-Driving Cars Reshape Your City?

Autonomous vehicles are still pretty much the stuff of science fiction. But when they finally hit the roads, they’ll change our cities forever.From the widespread cultivation of urban vegetables to the return of the private car as ultra-status symbol, here are four trends to look forward to....more

Our Social Media Lives

This past weekend I decided to stay home, relax and catch up on all the shows I’ve missed. Of course, I didn’t plan to check my social media accounts, but who makes time for that? Social media will unconsciously grab your cell phone, put it on your hand and make you start scrolling....more

Not Feminism ; but Realism

 She is a healer, creator and a designer. Even this is not a pre-planned post about feminism or society.. It turned out that those variables are in the same equation and cannot be separated.;World thinks that each Home sapience who carry two x chromosomes is a born feminist. Eventhough everyone ought to speak for her, her rights and her future, she is the volunteer spokesperson for herself and others.  A girl, a woman, a mother,  a leader; so many roles one chromosomes decide.Mother nature, mother ship even mother nucleus... so many words root from her. Over 50% of the world population. Yet, she needs a voice.That’s not because she hasn’t the voice, because her voice has been diminished over centuries.  Homo erects left females at caves and went hunting and exploring because looking after the offspring was her duty.. Ahem.. ditto even for today....more

Maternity Jeans: Not Quite Equal

I spent much of my time as a pre-teen in maternity jeans – no lie. Talk about a great confidence booster! While my girlfriends at the 6th grade lunch table were discussing their latest discoveries from Gap or Express, I silently popped a Gusher’s fruit snack in my mouth as I envisioned the navy blue elastic panel that sat (quite comfortably, might I add) DIRECTLY under my bra. ...more

Accepting Bipolar Dagnosis, Accepting Others Will Not

In 2011, I was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder, PTSD ,depression, with anxiety. Understand that there is a whole other element with in this mental health issue that I have.  I have had as of today's date three strokes. So that also affects my mental well being. I digress though, while I was diagnosed in 2011, I didn't believe it. That would mean I was crazy right. No the doctors are all wrong. They said I wouldn't see as well as I do talk walk after the first stroke. Look at me now I would think. For years. Then well the inevitable happens. You finally push everyone away....more

The Great Divide

I've struggled to find an angle from which to attack this issue, tiptoeing deftly around themes and posts I've already written. I've struggled internally about making any declaration after having pointed fingers at myself, other women, random strangers, Target shoppers, coffee chains, and Jesus Christ himself, but the winds of change are blowing, ironically, as we speak, through my dyed brown locks.So, how do I say this? How do I start?...more

Can We Laugh It Off: Prejudice in America

Many think lynchings weren't that bad or that the victims had it coming. They think it was about ...more