Society Has Failed Us....

Society has failed us all.... Society deems what is "acceptable" in our world. It feeds the media whom then warps these thoughts into biased, fear based reports. This is unacceptable. Society tells our children it's not okay to be curvy. Society tells our children it's not okay to be Gay. Society tells our children how they should look, speak, and act. ...more

Society Obligates Poor Body Image

Originally published on ChapterTK.comI am living proof that being small does not save a person from criticizing their body or having ‘fat days.’ Almost every day, I follow the process I wrote about in Naked Salvation. Some days, it’s a struggle to find beauty in that mirror....more

The Illusion of Majority Extremism

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Is the Fact 'Sex Sells' A Good Enough Reason to Sell Sex?

Originally posted on ChapterTK.comSEX. SEX. SEX. SEX. SEX....more

The Plight of Introverts in an Extroverted World

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Greener Grass

Fan the Spark

My first blog out of the bag, I do have anoter blog dedicated to horse training, however I there is so many things about my journey that I hope to document and my training blog isnt ideal for that. As I write this today I have just filed my tax return, although that in itself isn't remotely interesting, it meshes with my plan to get control of my money. Ahhh yes, the goal that never begins or ends, getting control of your money can be like the never ending diet.... this week I will... next week I will start... However, today I start!...more

Now Listen Hear!

photoDoesn’t anybody just listen anymore?  I mean really listen? To anyone?...more

A Parable About a Frog

Throw a frog into a Pot of boiling water; He will jump right out. Throw a frog into a Pot of cold water, Slowly raise the heat; He will remain oblivious Even unto death. Throw a good man Into a cruel society; He will see injustice clearly and Speak out....more
writinginmyhead Just looking at your avatar, I can tell that you are one of the smart ones that ...more