Why Millennial Women Open their own Doors

 My father always insists on opening the door for me. It’s part of his philosophy on life, and it couldn’t be more quintessential of his generation. For him, opening doors is more than just an action. It is a stance on chivalry, diligence, and adherence to tradition - traits that are valued by the baby boomers. ...more

31 Days, 32 Revelations: A World of Dishonesty

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31 Days, 32 Revelations: The Distraction of Ignorance

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patriciaappelquist Thanks Patricia! My actual birthday is on the 27th. I appreciate you reading ...more

Does Life Ever Feel Like Role Play?

Sometimes I wonder if we’re all just actors on some level. I know for years there were parts of me I never revealed to others. I wanted to, but I felt it would not be well received. In my earlier years I cared as little as possible, but as I got older I became more concerned that I should have outgrown those parts of me....more

You May Not Be Racist But...

Think twice before you use one of those popular expressions or words meant to highlight someone's short-comings. Years ago when I learned the origin/meaning of "indian giver" I quit using that phrase. Not only is it racist but pretty factually, historically incorrect. Read more on the theory of "Indian Giver". ...more

Society Has Failed Us....

Society has failed us all.... Society deems what is "acceptable" in our world. It feeds the media whom then warps these thoughts into biased, fear based reports. This is unacceptable. Society tells our children it's not okay to be curvy. Society tells our children it's not okay to be Gay. Society tells our children how they should look, speak, and act. ...more

Society Obligates Poor Body Image

Originally published on ChapterTK.comI am living proof that being small does not save a person from criticizing their body or having ‘fat days.’ Almost every day, I follow the process I wrote about in Naked Salvation. Some days, it’s a struggle to find beauty in that mirror....more

The Illusion of Majority Extremism

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Is the Fact 'Sex Sells' A Good Enough Reason to Sell Sex?

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The Plight of Introverts in an Extroverted World

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