Things of which you are not obliged

It can be easy to get caught up in standards set forth by society. Every day  we hear a plethora of messages of what we should look like, behave like, think like, what we should believe, how we should eat, sleep, breath, and live our lives, and it’s usually in the name of how we should be to please other people.Well allow me to offer a friendly reminder …You are not obliged to be attractive.You are not obliged to be healthy.You are not obliged to be skinny.You are not obliged to have curves....more

Why knowing our neighbours is very important

t's 5:45pm on a typical, rainy day in Vancouver. I have to walk through the parking lot to get to my home unit, which is at the end of the complex. As I feel the cool wind on my face and my hand shakes as it tries to keep its grip on the umbrella, I hear a strange voice yelling "LYNDA!""LYNDAAAA!" Very close to me. Loud. ...more

Finding Your People

I have always liked thinking about the relative simplicity of early humans. I imagine that they lacked the need to organize their peers into little piles like we do today: best friends, colleagues, schoolmates, hated enemies, people they drank with, people they prayed with. There was no hustle and bustle to meet with the disparate groups at dumb meetings. All the human interaction our distant relatives needed could be found within their clans....more

Kill Your Cell Phone

I once saw a sticker at my grad school that read "Kill Your TV!" I loved this idea and the message it was presenting.  Although I did not kill my TV, it did make me think about how much of my time is spent in front of a screen and considerable cut back. I now have a new sticker I would like to produce "Kill Your Cell Phone!"...more

What Exactly IS the Average Sized Woman?

This post has been in my head for a few months now. Thanks to Bren over at My Girly Parts for reminding me to get it out. What size do you consider to be “average” when it comes to women? 4? 6? 10? 12? 14? First, let’s look at the definition of “average” according to Wikipedia: ...more
This is such a debatable post, and one that I can truly say I have gone through personally ...more

International Nanny Stories – from the Philippines, with Love

Yesterday, I talked about Beverly Hills Nannies and the stuff they go through with the parents they work for. And my wonderful friend Anne from the Belle Jar Blog asked me if I would talk a bit about the fact that while I may have it fairly good, many nannies in Toronto do not.These nannies are international. They are often not white. And they are here because they have no other choice....more
This saddens (and angers) me.  I will admit that I have a very strong reaction to the scenarios ...more

The "Manny"

J-Lo had one. Angelina Jolie had one. And yet the rest of the world hasn’t jumped on the bandwagon of “the manny”, or male nanny, just yet. Why?Unlike other professions, nannying is almost solely made up of young women, ages 18-35, who are often going into a child-centric profession. It’s rare to see a male babysitter and even rarer to see a male nanny. Though mannies are interesting and often considered novelties, many parents don’t want to make the jump to hiring one for their children....more

Cross Post: Am I Weird, Normal, Or Both? - Societal Abandonment

Have you ever given a thought to the reasons why you want the things you want in life?...more I am soooo trying to get to where you are!  Ooops, there I go again with the ...more

Single Parenting Is Not a Disease

Contrary to popular belief, single parenting is not a disease. It’s not an illness overtaking society, or an addiction that must be overcome no matter what. “Hello, my name is Molly Jo, and I’m a Single Parent.” Yes, it’s a dilemma that can be draining on society. But it’s not always something to be pointed at with pity. Being a single parent doesn’t make me a cancer on society any more than eating lettuce makes you a vegetarian. If you only eat lettuce, even that doesn’t make you a vegetarian. It doesn’t even make you a rabbit. Rabbits eat more than just lettuce. It makes you a lettuce eater....more
Thank you, Polish Mama. I appreciate that!more