International Nanny Stories – from the Philippines, with Love

Yesterday, I talked about Beverly Hills Nannies and the stuff they go through with the parents they work for. And my wonderful friend Anne from the Belle Jar Blog asked me if I would talk a bit about the fact that while I may have it fairly good, many nannies in Toronto do not.These nannies are international. They are often not white. And they are here because they have no other choice....more
This saddens (and angers) me.  I will admit that I have a very strong reaction to the scenarios ...more

The "Manny"

J-Lo had one. Angelina Jolie had one. And yet the rest of the world hasn’t jumped on the bandwagon of “the manny”, or male nanny, just yet. Why?Unlike other professions, nannying is almost solely made up of young women, ages 18-35, who are often going into a child-centric profession. It’s rare to see a male babysitter and even rarer to see a male nanny. Though mannies are interesting and often considered novelties, many parents don’t want to make the jump to hiring one for their children....more

Cross Post: Am I Weird, Normal, Or Both? - Societal Abandonment

Have you ever given a thought to the reasons why you want the things you want in life?...more I am soooo trying to get to where you are!  Ooops, there I go again with the ...more

Single Parenting Is Not a Disease

Contrary to popular belief, single parenting is not a disease. It’s not an illness overtaking society, or an addiction that must be overcome no matter what. “Hello, my name is Molly Jo, and I’m a Single Parent.” Yes, it’s a dilemma that can be draining on society. But it’s not always something to be pointed at with pity. Being a single parent doesn’t make me a cancer on society any more than eating lettuce makes you a vegetarian. If you only eat lettuce, even that doesn’t make you a vegetarian. It doesn’t even make you a rabbit. Rabbits eat more than just lettuce. It makes you a lettuce eater....more
Thank you, Polish Mama. I appreciate that!more

Why Women Get a Bad Rap

For Valentine’s Day, I don’t expect a big bouquet of roses, artisan chocolates or an expensive diamond bracelet. Not because my husband is a deadbeat, but because it’s not the expectation we’ve set in our relationship. Plus, I don’t want those things. For Valentine’s Day, I’d rather eat some good food together and just enjoy one another’s company....more

Defined by Religion

What does it mean when your life, your existence is defined by religion? This is the first post in a series that will explore this question. ...more
@EvesIdentity Hopefully, it will live up to your expectations. Thanks for stopping by and ...more

Growing Up Sesame

I have, at various points in my life, been accused of being overly altruistic, naive, and trusting. I have also worked with the chemically dependent, the incarcerated, and the severely and persistently mentally ill. Let's just say I've learned a few lessons the hard way.I've had the good (or bad, depending on your vantage point) fortune of experiencing the great extremes of human behavior. And I still, to some degree, find all that fascinating....more

Will 2012 Be the Year We Lose "Mom" as the Go-To Modifier?

Good Riddance "Baby Bump"Not only did this phrase join a set of other annoying expressions and words banished at the end of 2011, its prominent position on the list made me wonder if 2012 might just be the year when "mom" gets knocked off the top of the go-to modifier list.It's been "soccer mom" this and "grizzly mom" or "tiger mom" that for too freaking long. Enough already! There's more to being a female in modern society than "momming"-- has it really become a verb, too?  Apparently....more

The Merriness Of More...

Its the day after Christmas, nearing an end to the holidays...Have you had your fill?...more

Teaching Acceptance

I have watched last week's Glee episode no less than five times. It just gets to me.One Sunday afternoon, I took BG to our town's Christmas parade. We managed to find a spot right at the front of the sidewalk in front of this really nice older couple and their two young boys.  At one point, a young dance troupe went by made up of a few girls and one boy. I heard the boys snickering at this boy, but it was what happened next that floored me....more
love this! such a moving post. I have been trying to get this message scross for so long, you ...more