A text to my son changed the direction of a heated conversation

It was a text I sent to my son late last night after hearing the front door lock as he returned from a movie with friends. He  hurried past by our room without acknowledging us with a good night. His father was asleep next to me and I was googling "cliff jumping."...more

How To Stop Your Son From Objectifying Women

If we want society to stop objectifying women, we must subjectify them. We need to give ourselves 3-dimensionality. We hear that stories about women are "chick flicks" or "they won't make any money."  They are marketed to only women. If we value the female experience so little, why should men value it any more? Damsel in distress, Image Credit: Shutterstock...more
Thank you! It is an idea that has been in my head for awhile. I had to get it out. I just don't ...more

From A Martial Arts Family, A Son Shines

How Raising My Son is Like Dating an Asshole

Since becoming a parent I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time trying to analyze the whole new set of emotions that come with the job.  I knew that having a kid would take a lot of mental effort, but I didn’t realize it would be a form of psychological warfare.Lately I’ve been exceptionally confused by what I recognize as a slightly familiar feeling – one of aching love mixed with desperation and a dash of irrationality - and then it hit me: I’m in a totally dysfunctional relationship. Although instead of dating the guy, I’m raising him. ...more

Looking forward to meeting other mothers of sons at Blogher '15

I'm thrilled to be part of BlogHer '15. I can't wait to share my journey of teaching adult sons to cook with other moms. Hollace Friedman...more

17 Things for My Little Man to Know

I am a Mom. First and foremost. Every thought of my day is in some way tied to my son. He and I have been a team since the moment he was born and as I wander through my day I find myself thinking "I need to mention that to Treyson." Inevitably dinner, bath time, and everyday life gets in the way so today I compile the list... ...more

11 Truths I Want My Sons to Know about Love

Boys, let's be real. Love isn't always patient. It isn't always kind. It doesn't always forgive -- although that would be nice. Love isn't always steamy sex and a dozen roses. Those things are lovely, no question, but they're not the glue that holds things together when the going gets tough. Oh, you didn't know? The going always gets tough.In the not-so-distant future (despite your protests), your attentions will turn toward finding your life partners. I want you to be very clear on what romantic love is not:...more
Love this! I want to share it with my son. Not sure if he's still too young, though. He's only ...more

Midlife Crisis?

Growing up, I often heard the term "midlife crisis" swatted around like an annoying little insect.Dude bought a fancy new sports car? Midlife crisis.Dude up and left his wife? Midlife crisis.Dudette changed her hair color? Midlife crisis....more

Things I Could Teach My Son but That He'd Be Better Off Learning from His Dad

Moms struggle with their full mommy plates. We struggle with how much we do (getting kids dressed, combed, fed, clean-toothed, packing lunches, putting shoes on the correct foot - ours and our kids', telling the kids to not bite each other, and going to work) and then take on even more (taking on projects, buying presents for birthday parties, making doctor appointments, rescheduling doctor appointments, cleaning up, making dinner, working out, finding time to have a glass of wine and chat with our husbands... and friends......more