Thankful Thursday: Back to School!

I cannot be the only one…who is thankful their child has gone back to school after a long, long winter holiday. ...more


I thought he was trying to run away.Sam had a temper tantrum yesterday, and lost his Wii privileges.  He had melted down spectacularly for no real reason, and it got progressively worse until he finally stormed off into his bedroom.  I had put him in a time out, which he screamed thru, and then spent another ten minutes with him hollering and begging me to not take away the Wii.  I was past the point of talking to him, and had taken out my book....more

Thankful Thursday: A Warm Weather Walk

I cannot be the only one...who is ready for their little one to head back into the halls of knowledge (or at least of crayons and construction paper).  Today, though I am thankful that the Southern California weather permitted us to take to the streets and walk our little hearts out...please visit me at I Cannot be the Only One...for the rest of my Thankful Thursday....more

Are You Smarter Than A Middle Schooler?

The school bell is about to ring.  Everyone is looking around nervously, hoping they are in the correct place.  Papers clutched in sweaty hands are checked once again so that each person can compare the class schedule to the numbers on the doors. Finally the buzzer sounds and people shuffle in to find a seat - hopefully near a friend - while the teacher starts going over a wealth of pertinent information.Back To School Night at the middle school has begun....more

To My Baby on his Birthday

To my baby on his birthday,Last night, as I pulled your sheet up to your chest, I smiled and whispered, “Tomorrow, when you wake up, you will be a big.four.year.old.boy!” I expected that big grin I know so well to spread from one chubby cheek to the other. Instead, you looked up at me sadly. You quietly said, “But then I won’t be your baby anymore.”...more

I'm the Kind of Mom...


Happy Birthday, Little Guy

He is asleep now, but when he wakes up, he will be 5.  Happy Birthday, my sweet, sweet boy....more

Don’t pee in my bed! That’s your what???

My four year old, Oliver, insisted on sleeping in a swim diaper last night, and I wondered if it would hold. At 6:10 this morning, he moved into bed with us, snuggled a bit and then said, “Mommy, what is this?” He patted the bed, and I said, “Oliver are you joking? It’s the bed.”“No, Mommy, this.” I should have paid more attention to the mischievous smile curling the corners of his mouth....more
@tashaarmijo Oh yes, just wait!! :) I'm so glad you liked this. Thanks for reading, and letting ...more

Motherhood Is Like a Bridesmaid Dress

As parents, we are constantly looking forward: to the next milestone, the next accomplishment, the next level, the next birthday... the next night when all is quiet and we can finally relax.  Sometimes we forget to look back.  Or we forget what it was really like when our own kids went through various stages. ...more

Short But Sweet

My car smells like old french fries.  The bottom of the washing machine is filled with the fine gray sand of the Georgia coast.  Carlos' little wrists are more tan than they should be.  Vivi's curls have been tied in knots by the sea breeze.  Yesterday, we woke up to the sound of the surf and fell asleep to the sound of rain on our roof.My newest happy memories were made with my oldest friends.  It must have been a Road Trip Weekend....more