Introduction to Our Combined Parental Alienation Mess


How Do You Bond With Your Teenage Son? I Prefer Milkshakes, Bad Pop Music

The beat of the music filled the car much louder than I normally prefer. But, I didn’t turn the sound down. I just let it fill the space around me and my 13-year-old who was silently lamenting his lacrosse team’s loss in the championship game of an intense full-day four-game tournament....more

My Son Is Beautiful -- Just Like Me

At some point in my life I told myself that I was not beautiful. I thought it, accepted it, and lived with this self-declared statement for decades. I had made the assumption that real beauty, TRUE beauty, was defined as shorter, thinner, less pale, less splotchy, more everything I wasn't and less everything that I was....more
For YEARS I used to hear "oh my God, your daughter is so beautiful! She looks just like her ...more

How a Halloween Costume Changed My Life

Here in the Monkey House, we like Star Wars. Actually, we're kind of obsessed. And it all started during the brief whirlwind of a courtship between Mr. Martini and I. One night after some, umm, imbibing, Mr. Martini opened the closet and seemingly out of thin air came five full replica light sabers -- the kind that could be a movie prop if you didn't know better. At the time, I could have cared less about Star Wars. That was until my first 2am parking lot light saber battle with the neighbors. I was intrigued....more
My son is VERY excited. I think I might give it a try even though I do not have much time left.more

No Alarm Clocks Allowed

Shhh! It's 7:00 AM and it's time for my son to get up and get ready for school....more

Conversations with My Son


You Are My Sonshine

This post is dedicated to my sons.  Yes, I also have two daughters, but they will each want their own post, which will have to include photos, so that will be another day.Ten Rules Mother Wants You To Live By:1.  Don't be a dick2.  Only stare at one set of boobs at a time.  Dude come on, they're JUST boobs.3.  Be nice...more

Of Sons and Daughters: A Tale of Three Hearts

It is said that "A son is a son till he takes him a wife, a daughter is a daughter all of her life." This is indeed a tale of three hearts; of a son and two daughters whose hearts beat to a very different timing. Three clocks by three makers from three different planets!I have three children, two girls and one boy (the youngest), and they couldn’t be more different. But the greatest difference is in my two girls, night and day, they are....more
 @Reda Yes you did, Reda, and I believe we are.  :)   My son has recently moved out, after being ...more

Fathers and Sons: A Musical Reflection

Recently, I had a favorite song transcribed for me, Steve Goodman’s “My Old Man.” I discovered it as a deleted scene on Goodman’s Austin City Limits DVD and fell in love with it. It’s a big ol’ Man-Weeper and my friend, The Nutty Professor, figured out a way for a novice guitar player like me to play it....more

Cuff Bracelets for Grads and Dads - Instant Statement

I recently wrote an article about the in-fashion of cuffs for women. Let’s not leave the men out. No matter what their age this one single piece shows that he has style and is not afraid to show it.  They are perfect for both the young and, shall we say, seasoned, men in your life. With both Father’s Day and graduations just around the corner, these may just be the gift you are looking for....more