Hot-and-Heavy July

Temps in the 100s for several days now, here in the South.Seems perfectly reasonable: The month of July, named in honor of the family of Roman ruler Julius Caesar, was considered the point in the year when the sun was most potent.The ancient Saxons called July “Hey Monath,” because it was when they usually mowed and made their hay-harvest.   Hot-and-heavy July greets us—body and soul—smack in the middle of sweet summertime, when we might be wishing for more than an Italian ice to cool us. Maybe a trip to Alaska....more
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Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake™” Healing Pains of the Past 6-1-12

Healing pains of the past may be just the right medicine to achieve full recovery of your soul.Right now, your stability requires giving some thought to decisions and letting go of feeling divided.Opposing Energies: past heartaches, indecision, fear, incompleteness, extravagance, delays.The possibilities of achieving a beloved, a career or lifestyle change, may manifest sooner than you think....more

What makes up a life?

I’ve heard it at least a hundred times.  Whether it is coming from a contestant on a reality show, an artist I’ve known, a musician I’ve sung with, or a fellow mom in book club – it’s always the same.This is what I love.  This is what I was meant to do. This is my life....more
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Can it be March already? Our early daffodils think so.March, nearly spring in the South, is a threshold, an invitation to newness and freshness yet unseen.Transition is in the air—though on some days we still might shiver and protest “as the icy fang/And churlish chiding of the winter’s wind/ … bites and blows” upon our bodies (As You Like It, 2.1.12-16).But the healing freshness of new life is nearly tangible in our starved imaginations—in some climates and souls more than in others, of course....more
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"Feeding the Soul"

Luke 19:1-10 "Today salvation has come to this house."  Jesus meets Zaccheaus, a well to do tax collector, he has everythng materially everything he needs- by the worlds standards he was successful, but he still felt empty--and in Jesus he found wholeness....more


"Dance is a song of the body. Either of joy or pain." ~ Martha Graham I offer strategies to help women connect on a personal level with their purpose and share it. Collectively we offer healing change through service.   Visit - http://...more

Bachelors Degree in Custodial Arts

After two and a half years of being unemployed, and countless resumes and interviews, I have recently accepted a position as a 2nd shift custodian at the little home town school I graduated from in 1986. Last night was my first "day" on the job. My feet hurt. I'm going to admit something....more
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A "Soul Moment"

My older daughter and I are driving into town to see the movie Lost in Space at our local theater. We didn’t count on getting lost in smoke ourselves on the way there! But someone is tending—more like neglecting—a huge conflagration of dry leaves just off the shoulder of the winding rural road. This fire has generated an out-of-control smokescreen that has expanded and now smothers both lanes of the highway....more

Reason for living: “Do not say, ‘It is morning,’ and dismiss it with a name of yesterday..." ...more

Your Soul Needs Juice!

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[365day Attitude] Refilling & maintaining your Muchness Pt 1

Earlier this week I couldn't help recalling this scene from one of my favorite stories, Alice In Wonderland: ...more