A Magical Place: Garden Cafe

Last night was so magical....more

4 Reasons I Love the South (Even Though I'm a Hippie)

 I have done some hatin’ on you in the past, American South, I admit it. Everyone knows you’re a little backwards, bless your heart. But there are also some reasons I love the South, even being a hippie/woman/minority/person who recycles.  And I’m going to share them with you!  ...more
Denise I didn't say there weren't any!!  I said it was a rare day when I saw them.  Especially ...more

My Own Mississippi

I inherited my Mississippi from my mother at the age of 14.  My mother had been making a pilgrimage from Southern California to her hometown of Jackson, Mississippi since her childhood and now I was deemed old enough to join her. Being a teenager, I did not yet have the appreciation for the great state of Mississippi, but I did know that we had family roots in Mississippi and I wanted to meet my Southern relatives. ...more

Southern Living

I have fallen in love with two completely different places and both sides can’t understand why I love the other…you really can’t get more opposite than Los Angeles and the south. More specifically, Memphis....more

Life Through a Multiracial Lens

Since I finished reading The Help, by Kathryn Stockett, a few days ago, I have been filled with all kinds of thoughts and feelings about my own life. I took awhile for me to read the book in the first place – I was ambivalent and suspect that it would be too stereotyped for me to stomach.  I found myself thoroughly engrossed and deeply moved. ...more
I'm a white mom parenting a black daughter, and our very "Yankee" family just moved to the ...more

Food And The South

New post about food and the South.http://foodlies.wordpress.com/2011/08/31/food-and-the-south/ ...more

The Help: A "Feel Good" Movie... But For Whom?

The Help, released on August 10th,  has been promoted as a "feel good" movie about strong women, both Black and White. But like the Kathryn Stockett novel on which the film is based, it's a story about a young White woman liberating her socially (and presumably, intellectually) inferior Black maids.   Image Credit: DreamWorksPictures  ...more
Hey! I read this post of yours not so long ago and had many of the same thoughts. And I too ...more

Details from the Storm

(Cross posted on my blog, EmilysHollow)It's hard to know what to write about an event like the storms in Alabama last week. It's big, for one, bigger than I know how to describe. But along with that, when you're in it, you don't get how big it is. You deal with what's in front of you, because that's all there's time for. Also because that's all you hear about. I had no idea how bad the damage was in other areas for a while, a day at least, maybe longer. I heard towns listed on the radio, which was all we had access to, and that was it....more

I think that not knowing how bad it was really helped. That and having to keep things going for ...more