A Little Peace at Pride: Spa V at the Victor Hotel

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Don't You Think The BEACH Just Makes EVERYTHING A Little Better?

As March approached, Caitlin and I began to get excited; it was getting close to Spring Break time for her.  And you know what THAT meant...BEACH TIME!  We would be throwing our swimsuits and flip-flops in our suitcases and heading out to our FAVORITE BEACH; South Beach in Miami! ...more
Nice! I love it. The beach makes to many things so much better. Sigh. I miss the beach. more

Triathlon Training and Nutrition: Lana Bars at Full Throttle

I am almost always hungry.I don't have a tapeworm (at least I don't think I do). What I do have is a triathlon team: the Full Throttle Endurance training team. I haven't been training with them for long, but it's made an impact on me and my appetite....more

Please do keep me updated on your training!

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