Summer is Fun in the Sun ... Beach Day!

Summer is just around the corner and I'm very excited!  Not only are my kids on summer break, but it is also the perfect getaway to hit the beach.  Here in southern California, we are bless...more

Choosing The Pedestrian Walking Life

  Whether it be on foot or a bike, pedestrianism can be an enjoyable way to commute.  Friends and family balked in the past at my decision to forego driving to walk most places, but now many people commend me for saving money - and staying fit....more
@Julie Adolf Really sad more communities do not have side walks for people. I think we need ...more

Following Fabian

It's starting to become a serious joke in my family. I'm getting famous for getting lost on the Freeways of Southern California. I've sort of hinted at this here. But now that I've come clean about my latest adventure to my family, it's time to share the story on the Blog for my public humiliation....more

Food, Whoops, no food, Reading? That's over too

I’m down to the last couple of chapters and I don’t want it to end—not the book I’m writing, the one I am reading, Winter Solstice by Rosamunde Pilcher. Think of a Scotish countryside, cold, snow, people who say, “Dear boy,” and “It’s  lovely.” And they talk of a dram of bitters, and pounds, the snow on the grouse bushes.  I couldn’t resist the book when on the first page a 62 year old woman goes into the pound and adopts a dog. After a tragic accident she, when asked, and being an impulsive former actress, accompanies a widower to an ancient Estate house in Scotland....more

Inland Empire Family

I'm the newest blogger for Inland Family Magizine, sort of a big deal! Visit me there and let me know what you think! Be fabulous!