Crappy Injured Runner Goes To Spin Class

It wasn't my intention - spin class today. My plan was to plug along on the bike out on the gym floor, then maybe row a little, and do a little upper body work. I had causually mentioned to a lady in the locker room if she was going to spin class and did it normally fill up. She said yes to both. I told her thanks. I had planned to just use the bike on the floor, but I thought I might come to spin some morning. ...more

Spinning My Way to a Better Me

Sunday Morning Breakfast

Oh, you know... we had the usual:  eggs, sausage, toast with homemade strawberry jam and a five pound chocolate bar.We've been putting off opening this humongous thing, until just the right time.  And Sunday morning breakfast it was....more

Spinning Obsessed

A couple of years ago I took up spinning on the recommendation of a friend.  She loved it, said it was great exercise and I haven’t seen her in a class since!  Well, I got hooked.  I love the fact that I’m pushed into pushing myself and with a classroom of about 25 spinners, you don’t dare give up.  You build up resistance; you get a great workout and the adrenaline benefit that comes from something so intense lasts for several hours....more

How To Set a SIMPLE Heart Rate Exercise Goal

I like to wear a heart rate monitor while spinning or jogging so I have confirmation for how things are going and can adjust my workout.  Some might call this OCD; I prefer to think of it as positive motivation. Wearing a heart rate monitor helps me figure out if I’m working too hard (almost never the problem) or if I can safely push a little more to get a great workout in as short a time as possible.Plus it helps keep my mind off the actual exercise.The trouble is, I have never been able to figure out what my actual target should be....more

Fitness in Boston: Flywheel Never Coasts

There was a lot of buzz last fall when Flywheel swooped into Boston. The NYC-based indoor spin cycling chain with locations all over the US boasted stadium-style seating, energizing soundtracks, custom engineered bikes, free use of cycling shoes, and a "workout that offers a chance to achieve something more."...more

Spin it!

It’s January and, like everyone else, I’m back at the gym. No…for real-zies this time! Honest!This time of year is notorious for drawing out all of the keeners – the New-Year’s-resolution-makers who have vowed to make this year THE year of fitness, and I’m right there with them....more

Spin my feet right round, Portland

It’s strange moving from D.C. spin classes to the sort you find in Portland, Ore.In the District, indoor cycling classes sell out, waitlists fill up, instructors are local celebrities, and active types happily pass up outdoor workouts, happy hour or even — gasp – brunch to sit in a dark box, listen to a playlist that could be found on a teenage girl’s iPod and get sweaty....more

All Spun Up

Last night was Halloween.  So Paul and I went out to dinner.  It's become a tradition since we live on a street with not many houses and no one comes to the door anyway.  The kids that live on the street go down to the village where they get way more bang for their buck (or way more candy per square mile).  We got to see all the costumes while driving through the village to get to dinner and, this year, at the mall where we needed to make a stop.  And since we were nearby, we went and trick-or-treated at my mother-in-law's house and got a pack of oreos....more

Dominican Republic (part 1)

So as you guys know, my husband and I recently celebrated our first wedding anniversary in the Dominican Republic.  We stayed at Casa de Campo, near La Romana.  We have a really lovely vacation in every way.  Quick direct flights in and out, crazy delicious food, plenty of space at the beach and pool, lovely room -- really everything was top notch.  The pe...more