Seeking Spirituality

This will be a very honest post, and may offend some people.  It’s what I thought about posting today, and I became a little less clear about it just now based on a link I found on Facebook that a relative of mine posted.  But I’m still going to write about it anyway....more

Yak Glovelettes

Eulalia Benejam Cobb (Lali)Blog: Website:

A Radical Way To Grow Spiritually In A Relationship

As you walk a spiritual path, do you ever struggle in relationships with those who are not in the same place in their personal/spiritual evolution as you might be? In his online program Integral Enlightenment, spiritual teacher Craig Hamilton breaks relationships into three categories:1) Those who have no interest in your personal/spiritual evolution or their own...more

Spiritual Sites and Travel

Meet one of our travel value all stars! No matter where you go, what you do, or why you travel, these features, attractions, or amenities will always offer you tremendous value; an excellent experience for your limited time and money.Houses of Worship...more

I'm Not Afraid to Say I Think I'm Beautiful

I'm much more comfortable behind a camera than in front of one. For a decade I’ve been an editor at various publications, working with top models and celebrities. So when many of my readers asked me to highlight more of my personal style, I cringed. No, my goal was simply to showcase the clothing (especially the shoes) that brought me joy, made me feel powerful, sexy, or more at peace....more

Day 4: Soul Remembering

     Today marks twenty consecutive days of yoga and 4 consecutive days of this writing practice.  In my last two posts I wrote about Responsibility and Obedience, two words I used in my little bio describing this writing practice I am doing that is this blog....more

Day 3: Responsibility

     What is the difference between Obedience and Responsibility?  Perhaps not much.  Yesterday, I wrote about Obedience and what it meant to me, why I chose that word in my bio.  ...more

Day 2: Obedience

     When I was filling out the little bio section of my profile yesterday, I wrote that this blog was a practice in Obedience.  That may seem an odd word....more

Day 1: The Practice

     Last October, I began a spiritual program that required me to do kundalini yoga three times a week as part of the regimine.  I wasn't very good at keeping to that schedule.  Some weeks, I would do the three sets, no problem.  Other times, weeks would go by where I didn't do any of the yoga, and then there were some weeks where I would do some once or twice....more