Day 4: Soul Remembering

     Today marks twenty consecutive days of yoga and 4 consecutive days of this writing practice.  In my last two posts I wrote about Responsibility and Obedience, two words I used in my little bio describing this writing practice I am doing that is this blog....more

Day 3: Responsibility

     What is the difference between Obedience and Responsibility?  Perhaps not much.  Yesterday, I wrote about Obedience and what it meant to me, why I chose that word in my bio.  ...more

Day 2: Obedience

     When I was filling out the little bio section of my profile yesterday, I wrote that this blog was a practice in Obedience.  That may seem an odd word....more

Day 1: The Practice

     Last October, I began a spiritual program that required me to do kundalini yoga three times a week as part of the regimine.  I wasn't very good at keeping to that schedule.  Some weeks, I would do the three sets, no problem.  Other times, weeks would go by where I didn't do any of the yoga, and then there were some weeks where I would do some once or twice....more

On This Auspicious Day

Today is an auspicious day for all. The universe will open up and the light will shine upon everyone. Engage in activities that focus on your strengths. Think  positive thoughts that will support all that you do and wish for. Today is a day that will bring the change in your life that you have wanted. The people you meet and the places you go will be an important part of your future. Although you may not see the connection of what you experience today till later, it will be made clearer hindsight. What happens today will impact your tomorrow....more

Walking The Talk

You, who speak of compassion, have difficulty helping your neighbors. You, who are the first to help the sick, the poor, and those in need, have no empathy for your co-workers. You are familiar with the words of wisdom that come from the masters and meditate each day so that you can better yourself, but yet you are very clear as to who receives your aid. You are blind to the walls you've erected over the years that separates yourself from others. You see yourself as a compassionate person because all who you have chosen to help are less than you....more

Swinging In The Wind

You know sometimes you just have to jump on the swings.BUT,look closely at those swings.See how high they are off the ground?...more

Albert Einstein Friday

“Try not to become a man of success. Rather become a man of value.” ― Albert EinsteinWhat an interesting quote. It seems Mr. Einstein feels the two concepts are mutually exclusive. Do you agree? OR do you think it is just REALLY challenging to achieve both?My Thoughts...more

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