Practicing the Art of Receiving

One day I was coming back from a trip to IKEA with flat boxes of furniture that I had to put together.  I live in a high-rise building, so I took a cart from the building’s lobby to load all the boxes.  Our building has a doorman and it is his job to help the residents bring packages in the building and he asked me more than once if I needed help...more

The Thrill of Dreams

It’s amazing how hard-wired we all are to believe what we already know as all the truth there is in the world. We use this limited list of facts to make judgments about everything around us and quickly come to the conclusion that we can only do things as they’ve always been done.Most of that conversation with ourselves has gone on so often we no longer even notice it anymore. That’s when the words become a false truth to us....more

The Thrill of Letting Go of Labels (and Growing a Better Life)

Sometimes, maybe a lot of the time, we are hypnotized at such a young age by the words others label us with that we forget it was all someone else’s idea. But it’s never too late to take that hard right turn and head straight into the path of wonder.Wonder is that space where curiosity is buoyed by optimism and great creations exist before they’re even fully realized. We can feel them and are certain we’re a part of something big and good and full of wonder even though the bigger pieces have not come fully into form yet.A little background is necessary first....more

The Effects of a Miscarriage on the Next Baby

Did you know that a child conceived after a miscarriage can be affected negatively? I had no clue until recently.It really is such a simple and obvious emotional and spiritual dynamic but one that most of us are oblivious to....more

Practicing the Art of Giving

Giving can take practice. Most of us want to be able to give freely but when the time arrives to actually reach into our pockets and to give of our own money, set aside time on our calendar to give of our time, or reach inside and give of ourselves, giving can be hard.   ...more

Throwing The Baby Out With The Bath Water

Hey don't do that! There's a baby still in there! A sweet, baby who needs time to grow. Don't worry about the water that has been thrown out. There will be more water. Water that is sweeter, cleaner, and more refreshing than before, but if you throw the baby out, how will she ever experience what's to come?Please relax and think for a moment if you have ever been somewhere and everything was perfect? Where the people were all pleasant and funny? Where the program or whatever you were attending was setup exactly as you would have done? Where the air smelled sweeter?...more

Breaking Free

As I prepare for my lesson on honesty this coming Sunday I keep running into conundrums on how to really explain what it means to be honest.  I mean, it seems like a very simple concept.  But in our world saturated with political correctness I feel that I am in a sort of prison even in defining what is "honesty."  If I say to be honest is to always speak truthfully then I run into the problem of truthful things aren't always nice to say nor do they always make people feel better after you say them, whether you yell it or say it calmly....more

Why Is It OK to Blast Religion Via TV & Facebook

I have always been interested in true crime and investigative stories, and was happy to see that ID had been added to the local channel lineup.  However, ID has quickly proven through its treatment of their Deadly Devotion series that they really don't 'investigate' at all, and their 'research' is biased for the sake of drama.  They use only whatever shallow information and whichever biased interviewees will give them the most venom.  And some of the scenes are literally staged for drama the way someone would stage a play in a dark theater.  How silly. ...more

The Art of Conversation - don't let it die in your family

 The Art of Conversation?  ConversationalizeBC - (Before Children) and when I still wore suits and went to offices I attended a series of workshops with an excellent trainer called Joseph Riggio. We were learning how to be our best selves and also how to track those signals in the system, or attributes of a person, in others.The first part of every exercise was 'Conversationalize'....more