365 Reflections - Reflection 2

I am sure at times others wonder what keeps us creative folks from just doing our thing. "C'mon Lisa, how hard is it to just write?"  I've only committed to once a day and only ten minutes at that. Well dear reader, there are obstacles  - big and small. This morning for instance, I was settled in at my desk with hot tea and toast and I had to install updates before my computer allowed the free form of thoughts. I could not postpone the updates anymore and rather than being afraid of a forced shut down while I am reflecting, I took the time to restart....more

This House is Clean

The other day I did a cleansing in our home — I lit a white sage smudge stick and went through every room in the house, smoking away any bad vibes and clearing the air for good times and feelings. At the end of the ritual I put cups of sea salt in the four corners....more

Game Theory

Want to play a game? Sure you do! We like games, don’t we? First, we need to decide what kind of games we like or otherwise it won’t be much fun.Me, I’ve never been a fan of “Risk.” I can see very plainly that others enjoy this game very much (Putin comes to mind) and it’s still on the shelves so somebody is buying it. It’s just not my kind of game. I guess winning isn’t worth the effort to me. (Same thing with Chess. Apparently I’m not the conquering type.) ...more

Getting Your "Self" Back: Step # 2: The Art of Positive Googling

I am a changed woman. I am now a positive googler.Goodbye tear-inducing, sad stories.Goodbye misery.Goodbye complaints and asking us  if we feel feel bad, too.Goodbye stories of drug interactions that went horribly wrongGoodbye online “clubs” for you to share your daily heartache.Goodbye victims.Goodbye “Why Me?”I get it.  You find comfort in sharing these stories.  I wish I did.  I do not.I am a now positive googler...more

God's Fingerprints

God's FingerprintsGod's fingerprints are everywhere.  God is a fabulous communicator.We are looking for personal testimonies on the existance of God.  We are seeking evidencethat God can be heard, seen, felt and tasted through Faith, Love and Hope.We would like for you to post a comment on the blog below.  God Bless!!http://blessings2all.blogspot.com...more
I'm grateful for your blog.  My daughter is having problems with drugs and alcohol. Your posted ...more

Everything You Need, You Already Have!

Yeah, what I am about to tell you is nothing new, it is everywhere and if you pay a little attention to your surroundings and exhale, you will find it....more

Feeding the Spiritutal Soul by, Melanie Jacobs


Letter To Myself

Dear Suzi,...more

The Top Ten Things I've Learned at 50

 Even though my three daughters refuse to acknowledge my impending half-century celebration, I am proud to say that I will be 50 years old on Sunday. Apparently to the teenage set, having a mom who is 50 is a stain on their social status. Whatever... I am healthy, I am grounded and I am fairly well preserved; therefore, I am grateful....more

Breaking The Cycle of Stuff

When I was young, we spent our Sunday afternoons shopping. We would buy tops, rugs, slipper socks, mixed nuts -- anything that tickled our fancy. We would make layaways and then wring our hands in anticipation of the day we would rip open the bald cardboard box, emblazoned with our handwritten last name, to expose its treasures....more
HeidiSiefkas  I hear you!more