My heart had been closed off and hiding out entombed as it was in a world of words and fragments of memories.Guilt, shame and self-criticism were relentless sentries, letting no hope in.I locked my heart to shield me from further pain and EVERYTHING else.Most especially from the one thing that could really heal me -Love.I discovered in the presence of your kind and steadfast love the priceless gift of acceptance without condemnation....more

The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity

Beef stew with root vegetables is cooking on the stove, along with a teapot of water for some chai tea.  I’m going to write the second post for NaBloPoMo.A few weeks ago, on a trip to the thrift store, I came across Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity.  I’ve known about her work for a while now.  Some time ago it was suggested to me, and I got the book from the library but I never followed the steps.  I didn’t have enough time in the two weeks I had borrowed the book....more

I will not be a Christian Terrorist

I will not persecute my brother/sisters, then say I did it in the name of Christ.*I will love those who do not like me. It is okay. They probably love me right back. Yet, it doesn't matter whether they love me right back, Christ has taught to love them anyway.*I will not study scripture and doctrine so that I may use it against others, then justify it by saying I am doing Christ's work.*I will study scripture and doctrine to uplift them, and myself.*...more

Connecting with Your Divine Navigation System

The universe is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper. ~  Eden Phillpotts ...more

You're Exactly Where You're Supposed To Be

It's easy to look at others' lives and admire their lifestyle or wish we were in their shoes. It's easy to feel bad about ourselves or the current situations we may be in. We may even feel a slight bit (some of us more than slight) of jealousy when we go on social media or watch T.V. and see the seemingly awesome lives individuals are having. Why is my life not going as planned? Well, it may be. ...more

In Honor of Rest: Don't Just Do Something, Sit There!

“Besides the noble art of getting things done, there is a nobler art of leaving things undone.” – Lin Yutang...more
Thanks for sharing, ShantiOm.  I love that we can experience our personal zen zone in a variety ...more

Practicing the Art of Receiving

One day I was coming back from a trip to IKEA with flat boxes of furniture that I had to put together.  I live in a high-rise building, so I took a cart from the building’s lobby to load all the boxes.  Our building has a doorman and it is his job to help the residents bring packages in the building and he asked me more than once if I needed help...more

The Thrill of Dreams

It’s amazing how hard-wired we all are to believe what we already know as all the truth there is in the world. We use this limited list of facts to make judgments about everything around us and quickly come to the conclusion that we can only do things as they’ve always been done.Most of that conversation with ourselves has gone on so often we no longer even notice it anymore. That’s when the words become a false truth to us....more

The Thrill of Letting Go of Labels (and Growing a Better Life)

Sometimes, maybe a lot of the time, we are hypnotized at such a young age by the words others label us with that we forget it was all someone else’s idea. But it’s never too late to take that hard right turn and head straight into the path of wonder.Wonder is that space where curiosity is buoyed by optimism and great creations exist before they’re even fully realized. We can feel them and are certain we’re a part of something big and good and full of wonder even though the bigger pieces have not come fully into form yet.A little background is necessary first....more