The Very Best Food in India

We had many good meals in India, my father and I. Every single one of them—truly every single one—included laughter and interesting conversation, and 98 percent included tasty vittles. (The missing two percent is thanks to a stop at a roadside tourist hall, the sort of place where big white busses full of Americans and Germans pull up, happy to order from a menu full of Anglicized dishes with wan and muddled flavors.) ...more
@Marge @Corinne Rodrigues I so appreciated getting the windows into the site and the dinner -- ...more

'Hating' God as a Form of Prayer?

I went to confession for the first time in five years on Saturday evening. This was about as vomit-inducing as it sounds. I kept praying to God, "I don't want to go. Do I have to go? I don't want to go! Say I don't have to go. You know you forgive me for all of the terrible shit I do anyway, so tell me I don't have to go." God said back to me (yes, God talks to me) (another post for another time? perhaps), "You don't have to go. But you should go."...more

A non-religious hippie finds gratitude in faith and rituals

Well, crap. I don't have a pre-defined topic for gratitude today.Let's make it up as we go along ...Ah. Got one.I'm thankful for not having a topic but trusting that one will come when I'm ready for it.I guess you could call that faith.Born to itI've gotten really good at having faith as I get older. Because, oddly enough, during the most secure time of my life I used to worry a lot....more

Do You Read Scripture Like a Pharisee of Like Jesus?

Way back in college, I took a class on the history of religion in America. One day during a discussion about some Christian evangelist, one of the other students offered this criticism of the man’s work: “it’s like he’s actually trying to be like Jesus.” I sat there a bit bug-eyed. Can you imagine – a Christian who was actually trying to be like Jesus? Whatever could that evangelist have been thinking?...more

Marinating in Autumn

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, "The earth laughs in flowers."  If so, then I believe she seduces with the colors of autumn. ...more

Buddhism and Cultural Appropriation

i admit i'm perhaps hyper-sensitive to cultural appropriation. it started when i was a nanny for a family who adopted a little girl from China. i watched as this single mother began wearing traditional Chinese clothing and ordered a LOT if Chinese food. though i could appreciate her excitement and respect her willingness to learn more about her daughter's culture, something about it didn't feel right - to me. years later, my ex-wife and i adopted two black children....more

"I'll Pray for You"

How often do we tell a friend that we will pray for them and then it slips our minds?  Do you, like me,  find yourself, in the midst of a task, when a friend comes to mind and you feel terrible that you haven’t remembered to pray for her during a time of suffering? Image: paul david (busy running!) via Flickr ...more
I recently tweeted a comment about this and it is so true.  One of the most impactful moments of ...more

if god was a woman

I bought a domain name last weekend:  ...more

The Courage Prayer

Either as a therapist or as a participant at Al-Anon...more

Simple Beauty