On Being a Chaser for the U.S. Quidditch Team

25 teams. 525 broomsticks. 75 chasers. 1 golden snitch. Quidditch World Cup. This summer. Frankfurt, Germany. It's on, like Donkey Kong. Okay, maybe that's more like "It's on, like Hermione and Ron." Ooooooh! ...more
stirrupqueen That would be amazing. Alena played quiddich for the 1st time last fall and loved it.more

Throwdown at soccer: moms behaving badly

I missed the whole thing.I stayed home to make sure teenagers didn't have sex on my couch, while rather attractive husband took Boy to the soccer tournament 4 hours away where these extraordinary, highly-scouted 12 year old phenoms need to travel to find any competition worth playing....more

The Sports Mom


NFL Players: You Think You Deserve Even MORE Money?

With the football season in full swing, I wanted to bring up a topic I read about a few months ago.Let’s see if it riles you up as well....more

Team Suck - For the Win!

Last week one of my fantastic coworkers finagled a way for our team to go bowling together. She and I were incredibly excited to get the time away from work to do some team building - even though we both suck at bowling. We suck at bowling so much, that we happily dubbed our team, Team Suck....more

Epic Fights Outline Evening

by Sandy HackenmuellerThe Skylight Modern welcomed another action-packed evening as Friday Night Fights returned for another great night of Muay Thai. From amateur debuts to hard-fought title fights, the event was wall to wall palpable energy....more

Olympic Champion Nicole Cooke's 'The Breakaway' Reveals Sexism in Cycling

I often wonder how women like Nicole Cooke become women like Nicole Cooke, strong and courageous enough to earn the titles of a World and Olympic cyclist champion. A mother, I am always looking for ways to empower my daughter and help her become competitive and strong, in mind and in body....more

Funniest Football chants (Two) Anchor Odds

Have you ever been at a football ground while your team was losing? If so you are well aware of the pain and suffering it causes when the other team is beating yours by a far cry. Although there is always something that can bring back that smile on your face and that is the hilarious chants and songs the fans start to project. Here are a few of the funniest chants we thought you might like:...more


VIALast nights World Cup game was amazing.  The wo...more


 photo by Giandomenico Ricci...more