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Jeremy Lin: What He Means to Asians, Athletes, and Dreamers

I’ve been watching the whole Linsanity phenomenon with a mixture of exhilaration and anxiety. While I don’t generally follow basketball, I am certain that Linsanity means something—to Asian Americans, to the world of sports, to anyone who’s ever had a dream and been told no. I watch and follow and devour any analysis, because Lin is part of my community — I am, like Jeremy Lin, a second generation Taiwanese American, raised in Silicon Valley by engineers....more
Grace, I think you're right that your coach was blocking you. The curt answer of "No" without an ...more

Roller Derby: Empowering Entertainment

I don't want to speak for all Seattlites, but I know that it came as a surprise to me (and many people I talked to) that Seattle has a roller derby league. Roller derby seems like a thing of the past and invokes images of burly women who, as Jim Croce would say, are "built like a 'frigerator with a head." Not so, Blogfans, not so. ...more


Saturday mornings are accompanied by the luxurious realization that the day belongs to me, my husband and our two chocolate Labradors. I am no longer obligated to rush to soccer-hockey-lacrosse-football-baseball games- track and swim meets to watch one or both of our two children compete. While I thoroughly enjoyed seeing them develop from clumsy little kids just learning the rules of the sports to varsity and even collegiate athletes, I am not mourning the end of that phase of their young lives. One aspect of youth sports that I will not miss is the dreaded snack schedule....more

Plan a Super Date for Super Bowl this Sunday

Unless you have been living under a rock, you know that this Sunday is the big Super Bowl game. The 2011 Super Bowl was the most watched program ever – an estimated 111 million people tuned in – and this year will be no exception. This Sunday when the New York Giants face off against the New England Patriots, why not make a super date out of the Super Bowl?Whether you watch the game with friends, or just you and your partner, here are 5 ideas on how to make this Sunday a super date!...more

Joe and Bear

The man in the blue windbreaker looked perplexed. Squinting in the bright light, he waved away a swirl of clouds, searching for a familiar face. He took off his glasses and wiped the lenses clean, then replaced them, blinking.  All at once he broke into a grin.“Hey stranger!” he called to the tall guy with the houndstooth hat.“Winningest coach, eh?” smiled the elder man. “Good to see you, buddy.”Blue Windbreaker caught up and fell into step. “After I saw what happened when you retired, well … ” he faltered....more

Roller Skates Are Back

A few months ago I was reading blogs and darn it...I ended up on Ebay. That ever happen to you? Yes, here's the post that inspired such fun. Maybe I was just bored. Tired of the monotony of cleaning. Or thinking buying skates would be easier than dying my hair (never done that one still). But I ended up browsing skates and buying some that day....more
I suddenly feel the urge to put on my roller skates and give them a whirl around the kitchen. I ...more

Young Female Athlete Tackles Astro-Turf Concerns

To delay the cost of laying and maintaining natural grass, some sports fields are fitted with Astro-Turf, a synthetic lawn primarily made up of rubber, nylon and plastic. But Claire Dworsky, a 10-year-old soccer player, had some very real concerns about water run-off from such fields. So, she took action....more
Great article! My children have spent hundreds if not thousands of hours playing on turf fields. ...more

Tennis: Pictures

Tonight I'm feeling uninspired plus I just can't find the time to write or think of writing anything remotely decent. So, I'll leave you with some recent pictures of J at tennis. You should see his swing in action!

Skating Night

Since J turned 4 this summer I've had plans for him learning to skate. It's a staple. No Canadian child should suffer through these miserable cold winters and not be awarded with the joy of learning to skate [though, luckily, J seems to relish the idea of the weather getting colder and he's anxiously awaiting our first real snowfall of the season]....more